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  1. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!! Can not get this amp anywhere at this price. Selling my Rega Aethos amplifier. A truly beautiful amp. May be a regretful sale but I have decided to downsize my whole system. Numerous 5 star reviews out there on the Aethos, don’t miss a bargain. Purchased new December 2022 from Addicted to audio VIC- RRP $6995 Shipping Australia wide included in price. https://www.rega.co.uk/products/aethos
  2. Further Information: Naim Unity Nova in as new, unmarked, perfect condition. All original boxes, manuals, and remote control included. I will throw in a quality power cable (as pictured) at the asking price. Purchased from Carlton Audio Visual in March 2023. RRP at the time of purchase was $10,500. I will include the original receipt as part of the sale. Loads of connectivity, including HDMI, DIN, Optical and analogue (see rear panel picture for more). I primarily used the Nova with HDMI from my Apple TV and 77" LG Gallery TV. So easy to use. Streaming options are also easy to access, including Spotify, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Chromecast and Roon Ready. If you've never experienced the Naim sound, you really should. It's something special. My new $35k amplifier struggles to beat it, and the Nova is better in many ways to my ears. Tons of positive reviews online: https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2020/07/05/the-naim-nova-review-end-game-integrated-potential/ More reviews: https://www.dutchiee.tv/reviews/audio/naim-uniti-nova/ https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/naim-uniti-nova/ https://www.avforums.com/reviews/naim-uniti-nova-all-in-one-system-review.15921/ https://www.stereophile.com/content/naim-audio-uniti-nova-integrated-amplifier-media-player I am happy to ship, provided the buyer pays the postage.
  3. Further Information: Edge A is the best integrated amplifier that Cambridge Audio make and it shows. Powerful, rich and amazing bass control. This amplifier has been absolutely trouble free and enjoyable to use. As I have other amps the Edge A has been only lightly used. I have the remote control, original packaging, booklet etc. It is unmarked except for a small swirl scratch only visible in the right light, otherwise the face is perfect. Half the retail replacement cost.
  4. Further Information: Brand new killer integrated amp. If you’re looking at a Rega or a Naim but after a more natural sound this is great. Fatigue free listening. Has a fantastic phono-stage too. price includes postage.
  5. Further Information: Marantz PM8005 integrated amplifier with phono pre. Amazing sounding amp - I was really surprised when I up graded to this from my Marantz PM5004. Yes, the 8005 was three times the price, but still I didn't expect quite so dramatic an improvement. Even significantly better than my PM7004 Ken Ishiwata special edition. You are welcome to try it out in Frankston, or collect it (without audition) in Brunswick. Could probably deliver between Mornington and Melbourne. Includes the remote, but I forgot to take a photo. Details: Marantz PM8005 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, fully discrete current feedback integrated amplifier is perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation. It offers a powerful 2 x 70 Watts into 8 Ω, while the symmetrical circuits ensure perfect image balancing. To guarantee a totally unique audio experience, Marantz designers have shaped and optimised the power handling characteristics and redesigned the large double shielded Toroidal transformer’s circuitry to optimise bandwidth power. The result is a current feedback amplifier with a massive energy reserve to drive even the most demanding of speakers with absolute ease. To further guarantee best sound quality, the PM8005 has current feedback HDAMs, as well as a triple-layer bottom plate to help eliminate vibration. The PM8005 also provides source-direct mode for the purest audio signal and Phono MM to enjoy your vinyls. It’s heaven. https://www.marantz.com/en-au/product/hi-fi-components/pm8005 Key Features Integrated Current Feedback Amplifier with 2 x 70 Watts / 8 Ω rms, 100 watts / 4 Ω rms Marantz proprietary HDAM®-SA3 circuits for detailed audio reproduction Toroidal Transformer and high-quality customized components Triple layer bottom plate to minimize vibration High quality Speaker Terminals (A / B switchable) Discrete input buffer circuit Gold Plated Inputs/Outputs incl. Phono (MM) input System remote to control Amplifier, CD-Player and Network Player Number Of Channels Stereo Frequency Response 5 Hz - 100 kHz Watts RMS per Channel (4 Ω) 100 Watts Watts RMS per Channel (8 Ω) 70 Watts Input Sensitivity 200 mV (High Level) | 1.6 V (Power Amp Direct IN) | 2 mV (Phono) Input Impedance 20 kΩ (High Level) | 15 kΩ (Power Amp Direct IN) | 47 kΩ (Phono) Signal-to-Noise Ratio 106 dB (2 V input) (High Level) | 125 dB (Power Amp Direct IN) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.02 % AUX IN (Auxiliary Input) 1 Pair Phono Input Yes RCA Input 6 Pairs RCA Output 1 Pair Preamp Outputs 1 Dimension (H×W×D) mm 128 x 440 x 379 mm Weight) 12 Kg
  6. Further Information: Luxman Class A L550 AX II Integrated Amp and remote - in immaculate condition. The unit was purchased from Frank Prowse end October 2022, and still has the remaining Luxman warranty (3 years from date of purchase). I also have the original box and packaging materials. Local sale preferred, but can ship if required (shipping costs and risks born by the buyer). Luxman Class A amplifiers are increasingly difficult to source, as Luxman has reportedly ceased production of both the L550 and L590 AX II. Those of you that have heard Class A, will know how rich, detailed and dynamic it sounds. This is the closest thing I have heard to tube amplification in my system. The unit puts out 40 Watts into 4 ohms and 20 Watts into 8 ohm. Don't be fooled by the modest wattage, as this amp has some serious presence and dynamics. For detailed technical specs, please refer to the Luxman website www.luxman.com Many reviews available online including the one from Zero Fidelity below www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_bVWoMlfR4
  7. Further Information: I have owned this beautiful piece of audio art for just over a year now. Purchased brand new in August 2022 from Class A Audio in Melbourne, comes with original packaging and paperwork. There was a 10 month wait on Luxman amps at the time due to covid. It was well worth the wait! The sound is so fluid and effortless. This amp has impeccable control over the speakers. More than enough juice to drive even the most demanding speakers. I am very hesitant to be selling but I would like to try separates and possibly also tube gear.
  8. Item: Luxman L-590 AXII Integrated Amplifier Price Range: $7,000 - $8,500 depending on condition and age. Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Wanting to buy a Luxman L-590 AXII Integrated Amplifier in excellent condition. Must be 230V/240V model - not 110V import. I am located in Perth, and happy to arrange shipping if necessary.
  9. I've contracted a really stupid hobby. Stupid in that it costs me far too much, but I do enjoy it a hell of a lot. I buy Integrated amps, listen to them, rate them according to the other integrated amps I've heard (specifically against my favourite amp at the time) and then stick them on a shelf and buy another one. So far I've gone through amps from Tonewinner, Consonance, Perreaux, Burson, Cambridge, Dussun, a T-amp, a Hlly gainclone, Marantz, Onkyo, Thule and probably one or two others I can't remember right now. I have a Rotel RA1520 in transit, so that's next on my list. My question is what should I target next? Anyone got any suggestions? Anything I can get second hand for under 2k is a fair target, I do buy new but only if I can get it under 2K as well. Also, if anyone is interested in buying a second hand integrated amp PM me and I will let you know what I have on hand at the time and my personal opinion of the performance of those amps. Cheers!
  10. Item: Cambridge 840A V2 Integrated Amp rated at 130W x2 in original box with remote, manual and power cord. Location: Bowen Qld 4805 Price: $700 (which includes a $50 donation to SNA which will be made by myself upon receipt of funds) Item Condition: Mint, with the exception of a rust flake and some paint bubbles on the top panel (see photos). Only used for aprox 200 hours. Reason for selling: Bought it, heard it, (liked it, listened to it again just to be sure) and now I'm passing it on. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: A nice powerful little amp with a rich, warm sound that is very smooth. If a vinyl fan was to move to cd this would be a good amp for them. Pictures:
  11. FS: Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature) Item: Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature) year 2008 – serial number 7304 0407 060836 Location: Sydney Price: $1,125 including $25 donation to SNA (Half new price rule of thumb) - negotiable Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: I’m loyal to Redgum and just upgraded to RGI 120 ENR which is basically very similar to 60 ENR but with a little more grunt when it occasionally comes to transient/dynamic and the like, but that’s the diminishing value law. Website info: http://redgumaudio.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_73&product_id=65 60 ENR is almost equal to RGI 120 (Redgum wouldn’t recommend you to upgrade from 60 ENR to RGI 120 anyway as there’s not much improvement). The final test report when new (2008) is continuous RMS 129 watt per channel into 8 ohm and short term RMS is 267 watt per channel into 8 ohm. Test result is included in my Owner’s Manual. The new price was $2,400 in 2008 but is dropped now to $2,250, hence I adopted the half current price rule. Try before you buy for a few days can be arranged (potential buyer to pay for shipping). This is the best way to make sure this very affordable amp really makes your current system sing, or audit at my place is welcome at weekend. This amp drives my ProAc tablette 2000 and Tannoy 638 floor stander easily and beautifully (with Sapphire North Star CD player). Shipping interstate would be around $35-$40 I think. Pictures: Refer also to the website link above.
  12. Further Information: Selling my Trigon Epilog integrated amp Immaculate condition made in Germany. Complete with packaging remote control and Trigon Volt power cable. Classy appearance in aluminum and chrome, innovative design and technology, quality components and perfect craftsmanship are the synthesis of our Premium Line. Rainer Reddemann, Chief Designer at Trigon Audio, is a man who applies a complete and utter "no compromise" approach to his audio designs - and in fact this is one of the many reasons that other high profile audio manufacturers sub-contract him (and him specifically) to instigate new designs for them. His new flagship amplifier, the Trigon Epilog, is a fully balanced integrated amplifier in full dual-mono design. Each of the two mono power amplifier modules is powered by a powerful and bespokely made 450-VA transformer, allowing the Epilog to offer incredible levels of control and finesse. The input section of the Epilog is modular and therefore can be equipped with up to six different input modules as required (Line single-ended, Balanced Line, Phonostage, 4-input DAC etc) - these reference modules can be used in any combination, allowing enormous flexibility of design, whilst maintaining world class performance. The Epilog is ultimately flexible, versatile and future-proof, and fully configurable to individual customer requirements, whilst at the same time offering a breathtaking musicality which sets it apart from the rest. A fully dimmable organic graphic interface guides the user through the menu by means of a 'easy to understand' menu system. The multitude of connections, adjustments and control options are not only available via the Trigon Director system remote control (solid aluminum construction in silver finish), so but in conjunction with the music server, the Trigon Chronolog, as a congenial playmate of the EPILOG via smartphone, tablet - PC, etc. - this makes remote control easy with a graphic user-interface. Built from a solid aluminum sandwich construction with a massive front plate, this flagship amplifier uses the unique Trigon vibration absorbing feet, which protects the most delicate audio signal from microphonics and interferences that could impede minute sonic details - as we all know it is the micro and subtle details that build our musical world into one that immerses and enthralls. This is an amplifier that truly resets the bar in this category - we are immensely proud of what we have achieved here and the musical ability of this amplifier has even surpassed the incredibly high goals we had at the design stage - 2 years of effort has resulted in a amplifier which stands head and shoulders above the rest. The speed and dynamics of the music flow are reproduced with ease allowing the listener to fully drop into an all encompassing world of musical nirvana......... Specifications Bandwidth: 2 Hz 200 kHz (-3 dB) Distortion: < 0,02% Crosstalk: < -80dB (1kHz) S/N: < -96dBA Output Power: 2 x 200 W / 330 W at 8 / 4 Ohm Inputs: Module Based - 2 Input Modules as standard. Input Impedance: Module Based Outputs: 1 x Speaker, 1 Output Module as standard. Headphones: 1 x Reference Headphone Amplifier - front socket. Effect Path: --- Optional Equipment: IR remote control DIRECTOR, Ref. Phono Module, Ref. DAC Module. Weight: 27 kg Dimensions: 440 x 180 x 405 mm
  13. I wasn't actually planning on a boxing day sale, but when the power went out for 3 hours it seemed like the best thing to do was take pics and box up amps. So, there you have it, one small Boxing Day Sale. Item: Xindak A08 Class D Integrated Amp. Location: Bowen, Qld. Price: $650 (including postage within Australia) Item Condition: Excellent, barely run in. Reason for selling: The A08 is a typical Class D amp and has that "crystal clear and glarey" sound, which is not for me. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: This unit is very well built and solid, it has a built in DAC (twin TDA1543 chips) and plenty of power but really needs to be teamed with speakers that will cut down on that digital glare (IMO of course). Also, when I sealed the box up I forgot to include a power cord, if you need one let me know and I'll open the boxes back up. Comes double boxed with remote and manual (not that the manual tells you much, I had to take the top panel off just to find out what the DAC chips were). Pictures:
  14. Further information: Purchased from Authorised Sydney dealer September 2021. This is a superb wireless music streaming power amplifier. Was driving a pair of Klipsch RP-600M with ease! HDMI ARC input is a big plus in my book, integrating the TV seamlessly and is now a must have in future amps for me. Punchy, musical performer and BluOS is a treat to operate. Hi-res audio streaming with access to Internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library to multiple Bluesound Players
  15. Further Information: I have had the Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amp for about 6 months now and have absolutely enjoyed every bit of it (using it as a headphone amp). It's speed / effortlessness, clarity, tuning / timbre and drive is incredible with both headphones (any) and relatively high efficiency loudspeakers (or low efficiency ones operating in a medium to smaller sized room) - even being able to fully drive a pair of KEF Reference 3s (see SoundNews review below). More recently, I have had my eyes on the D&D 8c active speakers, so need to sell to help fund the purchase and no longer require an external power amp amplifier, and planning to simplify my headphone listening to my MM Tambaqui. *Price Negotiable* - RRP is $11,000 - Nominal 45Wpc into 4 ohm and 25Wpc into 8 ohms - The amplifier is a Zero Negative Feedback SS amp utilizing EXICON MOSFETS, which are tuned to have a tube-like response. - The input buffers are fully discrete and gain circuitry operates in full current mode with gain bandwidth product of the buffers exceeding 1 MHz. - There is no "volume control"; this amp is a variable gain power amp with 1,024 individual gain settings ranging up to 22.5dB. The "low gain" mode limits the full swing of the gain control (1,024 steps) to max 7dB, "high gain" mode maps the full swing of the gain control to a full 22.5 dB. - This AMP-23R is Serial H012; it is from the latest production run of the amp. - Incredible build quality through and through - Warranty is for two years, so plenty of time left. - Comes with full retail packaging, metal remote and the three TAKT vibration feet (I am not using those in the pictures), all in mint condition. - Can demo if you wish (w/ your headphones) if you're located in Melbourne, currently paired with a Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC. Review (Steve Guttenberg, Stereophile): VERY HIGH-END sound, from a VERY SMALL design - YouTube Review (Darko): Got Klipsch? Zu? JBL? High-end headphones? YOU NEED TO HEAR the Enleum AMP-23R - YouTube Review (SoundNews): For Ears and Years - Enleum AMP-23R Review (soundnews.net) Review (Passion for Sound): Easily the BEST amp I've heard! Enleum AMP-23R review - YouTube Review (Steve Huff): This small SIMPLE Reference Integrated AMP BLEW ME AWAY. I bought one. - YouTube Review (Twittering Machines via StereoNet): Enleum AMP-23R review by Michael Lavorgna | Audio Magic (stereonet.com) YouTube sound demo (Steve Huff): A HiFi System Making Music. - YouTube
  16. Further information: Selling my mint Aavik U-150 (without DAC and phono board) with remote control (wrapped up since day 1). Condition 10/10. With original box. Audition at my place if keen. Delivery can be arranged and can ship overseas. For further negotiations, info and pictures. Please PM me https://aavik-acoustics.com/products/integrated-amplifiers/aavik-150-series.html https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/aavik-u-150-unity-integrated-amplifier/ https://www.thesoundadvocate.com/2019/03/the-aavik-u-150-integrated-amplifier-has-arrived/ https://www.monoandstereo.com/2017/09/new-toys-on-block-aavik-u-150-and-more.html?m=1 Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved Do not include Whatsapp or Phone Numbers in your post. You can exchange contact information via Private Message If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item When your item is SOLD, please use the Report as Sold button. Do not edit and delete the ad content. If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  17. Selling Audiolab 8200a with box and remote. In used condition. Viewing and short audition before pickup is possible. Sms or WhatsApp 91878974
  18. Further information: This one needs no introduction. Comes with box and all accessories but no manual. You can download it off the Yamaha website. Pick up in Point Cook or can ship at buyer's expense. Any questions please ask. Thank you
  19. Further Information: This is a very nice sounding amp and the built in DAC/fm module is excellent. Check for reviews online. Selling as no longer required. It's in excellent condition. I am the second owner and I don't have the box or packaging for shipment so local pick up only in Point Cook. Thank you Specs from creek website: Power Output>55 Watts into 8 Ohms Power Output>85 Watts into 4 Ohms Continuous Current>8.5 Amps (sine wave) Max Current>26 Amps, current burst into 0.5 Ohms Output Impedance<0.1 Ohms @ 1Khz THD< 0.005% 20Hz – 20Khz SNR>102dB Frequency Response10Hz – 100KHz +/- 2dB Line Gain33.3dB (x46) via power amp input Input Sensitivity410mV Crosstalk-80dB at 1Khz DC Offest< ±10mV Slew Rate> 30 V per µS Pre-amp Inputs5x RCA unbalanced – 1x Balanced XLR Power-amp InputsInput 3 & 4via RCA or XLR Outputs1 Pair Headphone outputDedicated low impedance amp (<50 Ohms) IR BusPowered output for IR repeater Operating Voltages110V/230V Switchable Consumption (at idle)<20 Watts Consumption (at full power)350 Watts Weight7.5Kgs Dimensions430x60x280mm W/H/D DAC Specs Digital Inputs2 x TOSLINK Optical, 24 Bit 192 kHz 2 x SPDIF Co-Ax, 24 Bit 192 kHz USB Class 1 audio 24 Bit 96 kHz max Bluetooth, based on CSR Bluecore technology No additional software drivers are needed. DAC TypeOne Wolfson WM8742 capable of 24 bit 192 kHz. SNR> 125dB (A weighted stereo at 48 kHz) THD< 0.001% at 48 kHz sample rate FM Tuner performance: FM FREQUENCY RANGE76 – 108 MHz, dependent on region. Region selectable via Menu NUMBER OF PRE-SET STATIONS100 FM SENSITIVITY-3.5 dBuV FREQUENCY RESPONSE30 Hz- 16 kHz -1dB THD< 0.05% STEREO SEPARATION> 40dB SIGNAL TO NOISE> 70dB (Full limiting) Stereo
  20. Further information: PRICE DROPPED TO SELL Original Post Up for sale is the bespoke Absolare Signature Integrated Amp. I am the second owner of this unit. This Signature version configured with Single Ended inputs only (RCA). This is a hybrid design with tubes input (2x 12AU7 tubes) and solid-state output devices (12x transistors) producing 150Wrms into 8 ohms or 200Wrms into 4 ohms. High input impedance of 50k ohms which helps to easily match with many front-end sources. The Absolare Signature Integrated Amp utilised Duelund coupling capacitors in the signal path and wired with Echole Signature grade cables (Click Here and Here to read more). This is the best Integrated amp I ever had in my system. I preferred the sound of the Absolare Signature over the Ayon Epsilon mono-block which I owned previously. However, there is a caveat that I have to disclose to the potential buyer about a small issue with this integrated amp. A few months ago, just out of the blue the amp exhibited a symptom that when I disconnected the mains power from the wall socket and reconnect to mains, turned it back on then I heard the soft dull clicking sound emitted from the Right Speaker. This lasted only few seconds after reconnecting the amplifier back to the mains power. Note that: THIS PHENOMENON WILL NOT HAPPEN IF I TURN THE UNIT OFF & LEFT IT IN STANDBY MODE. In short, when it is perfectly normal when turned on from Standby mode, IT HAPPENS ONLY WHEN ITS MAINS POWER IS DISCONNECTED COMPLETELY FROM THE WALL SOCKET. I sent this amp to Kimil Electronic (Chris) to have a look at and He could not confirm what was the cause of the problem (I can produce the certificate from Chris if required). Apart from this issue, the amp functioned as normal after the clicks have gone. It sounded as good as it ever was before this happened. Hence, I'm offering the attractive price to help with the sale. Local buyers are welcome to audition. However, if any interstate buyers accept the above-mentioned condition of this integrated amp and willing to take it, it will come with the original aluminium flight case. I will pack it with extra box as illustrated in the photos to provide extra protection to both the amp and it's case! Thank you for looking. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that upon successful sale of your item it is expected you pay Seller's Fees. - if you have previously sold items and not made a contribution, your advertisement may not be approved.
  21. Further information: HEGEL H390 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER (Melbourne) The H390 is a REBEL by offering much of the performance of our Reference products, albeit at a lower price. A REBEL that in one integrated product offers the same as others do in two or three. A REBEL that provides world-class sound, jaw-dropping power, and comes packed with convenient services. Nicknaming the H390 "Robin Hood" is a bit bold, you may think. After all, it isn't pocket money and we are not giving it away to the poor. But it is a rebellion against the established. It is a rebellion because it offers extraordinary resolution and musical quality, typically found only in the most esoteric products, but at a reasonable price. It is a rebellion against the establishment of "forcing" consumers into a user interface defined by the amplifier/streamer manufacturer. The H390 is very much at the tip of the spear in Hegel's pursuit of making mainstream sources sound their very best. Meaning the H390 is not just for the Audiophile. It is a product for the entire family to enjoy. At the heart of the H390 is Hegel's patented SoundEngine 2 amplifier section. The SoundEngine 2, in many ways, works like a noise canceling headphone. A computer inside will sample what comes into the amplifier and compares it to what comes out. The computer subtracts the difference (distortion) and then add it into the music but in reverse phase. The result being that, without any time delay, the SoundEngine cancels out almost all errors made by the amplifier. Leaving you with the most musical and natural sound you ever have experienced. 12 months old in mint condition, only selling due to wanting to move to Tube amp and move away from Solid State, the Amp comes with full packaging and manual and R8 Remote Control, I can provide an invoice and the amp is still under warranty. No low balling please, a donation will be made to SNA upon sale. Reviews and specs below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfEq9wt7VgY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrCFSndADvU&t=23s Key Features: 2 x 250 W/8 Ω Dual Mono SoundEngine 2 Bit-Perfect DAC Apple AirPlay Spotify Connect Control4 Ready UPnP Streaming Specifications Power output: 2 x 250 W into 8 Ω, Dual Mono Minimum load: 2 Ω Analog Inputs: 1 x balanced (XLR), 2 x unbalanced (RCA) Digital Outputs: 1 x coaxial (BNC) Digital Inputs: 1 x coaxial (BNC), 1 x coaxial (RCA), 3 x optical, 1 x USB, 1 x Network Line level Output: 1 x unbalanced fixed (RCA), 1 x unbalanced variable (RCA) MQA Supported Inputs: USB, BNC, Optical and Coaxial Frequency response: 5 Hz - 180 kHz Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 100 dB Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB Distortion: Less than 0.005% @ 50 W/8 Ω/1 kHz Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19 kHz + 20 kHz) Damping factor: More than 4000 (main power output stage) Dimensions incl feet: 14,5 cm x 43 cm x 44 cm (HxWxD), 20 kg unit weight Special Features: Set Startup volume | Set max volume | Software upgradable | Configure all inputs as fixed level inputs | IP control Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved.
  22. Further information: Sugden pure class A integrated. Comes with phono which easily competes to separates up to $1500. Most regard this version the best. If you like Hi-Fi fireworks and etchiness don’t waste your time. If you value tone, timbre and musicality, this is for you. Bought from Vinyl Revival this year. This is 30% off RRP $4695. Please don’t haggle or lowball. thanks Photos:
  23. Further Information: Amplifier was purchased from CAV in April 2022 and I've been the only owner. Award-Winning Sound - 4x winner of What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year 80 watts per channel – power to drive the most demanding speakers Class AB Amplification – for balanced & efficient performance Toroidal Transformer – for incredible sound-staging High Quality ESS Sabre ES9016 DAC – to realise digital music at its best Digital inputs – TOSLINK, Coaxial & USB Audio Input (up to 24-bit/384kHz & DSD256 digital files from Mac/PC) Balanced XLR inputs – for premium connection  Bluetooth aptX HD input – connect wirelessly to devices, incl. Alva TT V2 Comes with box and all original accessories including remote. Would prefer pickup rather than shipping.
  24. Further information: bought from Mcleans Audio in NSW this year. Save some $$$ wait times 6 months and price rises on the way. Photos:
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