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Found 10 results

  1. Further Information: This is a pair of nearly immaculate 1988 Klipschorns in Oiled Oak, with the AK3 crossover. I purchased and imported these on behalf of a mate of mine from the boardroom of an automotive parts firm in Michigan, Detroit, in the USA. They cost approximately $16,000AUD after taking into account movers to take them across the USA to Port of LA, and then shipment, GST and delivery charges on this side. My mate has taken a job as an emergency room shrink in Berlin, and has decided to stick with his pair of The Nines. For some reason, moving KHorns up a big staircase in BLN doesn't appeal to him. They are currently sitting inside their packing crate at a specialist vintage electronics (climate controlled etc) storage facility in Marrickville called Argent. I would LOVE to have them myself but I have no room to fit them. I've had a few bars kick the tyres, but I'm only going to crack open the pallet for serious purchasers as they are a -bastard- to move around. If you know them, you know there are NONE - nil - zero - zilch on the second hand market. They are unicorns. New they retail for $39,990 a pair. If you've ever wanted to slide into horny bliss, then the Klipschorn is YOUR GUY. We are looking to be made whole on the purchase, but let's see where things lie. These come with a Crown DC300 Amplifier and Crown Straight Line Two pre-amp (converted by Argent to 240, and serviced this week) - and a spare DC300 for parts. Forgive the photos, but they are from the boardroom of whence they came. If you are serious, I will open the box and you can audition yourself, or send an agent to inspect if you are interstate. Due to the ready made pallet solution, I will ship anywhere -at your expense-.
  2. So, something turned up the other day. Whatever could it be for? A Christmas project perhaps... 12 sheets of 32mm MDF 1200mm x 2400mm
  3. Further Information: Bruce Edgar designed horn (http://volvotreter.de/downloads/Edgar-Show-Horn.pdf). Bought here about 3 years ago. Very solid build, cabinets in good condition with only one chip at the back. Sound is very soft, soundstage wide, drivers are very sensitive. I upgrade to higher level 3-way speakers, need to free the space
  4. Apologies if this has been posted already. seen on the Stereophile site, but I couldn’t get the url to copy, so this is a screenshot- amazing Horns
  5. Further information: "Splitting available - PM me". JBL 2427H Drivers New in box Consecutive Serial Numbers Pair Of Rare JBL 3160 CROSSOVER -- PASSIVE TWO-WAY. -- Confirmed Working JBL 2328 2" Horn Throat Adapter x 3 JBL 2311 2" Metal Horn Throat Adaptor 2 Pairs JBL 2327 2" Metal Horn Throat Adaptor Pair JBL Urei 5235 Two Way Pro Frequency Dividing Network Crossover 2 Channel 800 Hz x2 Tested Working JBL 2380A Horns PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that upon successful sale of your item it is expected you pay Seller's Fees. - if you have previously sold items and not made a contribution, your advertisement may not be approved.
  6. Further Information: Very sad to see these go, they were to be my “end game” speakers and have kept me very happy for 10 years now. The goal was to build good looking speakers that could be driven to realistic levels by an 8W 300B SET amplifier. Clifford from Audio Synergy here in Perth designed these speakers. We built a prototype pair and it took him a further 3 months to fine tune the sound. The two way was built first, the woofers added later, hence different finish. The cabinets for the two way pair were built and the components installed by Karri Acoustics. The woofer pair cabinets were built by a professional cabinetmaker. Two Way: Cabinets 500 w 850 h 300 d Stands 200 h total height 1050mm. The stands are included in the sale, (they cost me $800- to get made) powder coated steel construction and filled with garnet sand. Very heavy and stable!! Can be used without the woofers, has three ports to the bottom refer pic. Constructed using 25mm HDF board with real wood Karri veneer. Drivers- OEM Tang Band W8-1808 8" Neodymium Full Range Driver with wizzer come removed. RAAL 70-10D RAAL Ribbon Tweeter with Amorphous Core Current replacement of these drivers is $1,648- USD + shipping + duties The 8” runs full range with no crossover while the Raal is crossed at 10.5K with a high-quality cap. Frequency range approx. ~50Hz to 30KHz and beyond. Sensitivity approx. 96dB 2.83V/1M Min impedance min 8 Ohm The Woofers: Cabinets 500 w 520 d 600 h Constructed using 18mm Russian Birch ply with 36mm for front baffle. Inside of the cabinets are lined with 3mm copper plate. The external finish is Min Wax. Drivers are Crites (Emminence) CW1526F Steel Frame Woofer – Pair 100 dB/2.83V/1M Current replacement of drivers is $660- USD + shipping + duties Crossover is external as per pics (one inductor) and rolls off at 220 Hz. You can piggyback off the other speakers or run another speaker cable from same amp. In room these go down to about 30 Hz The four cabinets alone have cost me $4,000- and still present as new. These very tube friendly, low power friendly speakers produce an incredibly dynamic, realistic and full sound. Amps beyond 50 Watts probably not suited to these speakers. I am offering these as a package so you can get the full bandwidth, but I may split subject to negotiation. The woofers would suit someone looking to build a horn system as the crossovers can be changed very easily. Prefer local sale so you can demo with your amp and make sure you are happy. No shipping boxes are available, and these are each very heavy, for any interstate interest, I am prepared to deliver to pack and send at your risk and for your organization. Speakers like these do not come up very often. These are incredible for the asking price and I am sure a demo will convince you and help you get the best out of your SET or even First Watt type amp. Please refer the comments from previous listings to get an idea what they sound like from local folks that have heard them. I have had to spend substantially more than this asking price to "potentially" better these. Happy to answer any questions by PM and happy to demo with my 300B SET or bring your own amp.
  7. Item: 1 Pair Electrovoice HR9040 Horns Location: Melbourne Price: $300 Firm Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pick up only Pictures: See attached 1 pr EV HR9040 Constant Directivity Horns Big horns! Bolt pattern fits the Altec 1.4 inch and EV 1.3 inch drivers. These were written up in Sound Practices years ago as an alternative to Altec 1505s. The pair I have for sale is in good condition. Pick up only in Footscray. These are too big to ship. See last picture for dimensions.
  8. Hi Gents I've been looking around for quite a while for a speaker that would allow me to keep my beloved Audio Innovations 500 valve amp that I bought to celebrate my 21st birthday 23 years ago. It still works very well but it's less than an ideal match for my original Acoustic Energy AE1's now i have bigger room. I'd like a bit more bass for movies, and the ability to play some organ music or a realy sonorous chello piece once in a while would put a smile on mine and my Dads face! I've been working as a full time draughtsmen for about 6 years and really miss the fun of making stuff. Satifying a number of needs in one go the little big horn kit fits the bill, Not cheap but the reviews on the originals are pretty awesome so the deposits been paid! I've built plenty of precision stuff so no real worries getting the project constructed. Being in kit form I can choose and order the parts as the money arrives. So the main challenges are: Getting it to sound at least as good as an original pair. Getting it to look as good. I've had a long e-mail discussion with Andrew and lots of advice has been received - thanks. The critical parts appear to be the size of the chamber behind the main driver - any speaker requiring more space than the Lowther DX3' and 4's supplied in the original could stuff things up nicely. I'm inclined to go for broke on the horn driver and buy some Lowthers. The next part is the integration of the subwoofer output with the horn. Andrew has reccomended the Oaudio 300watt bash amp as being good value. I've priced it up and it's only fractionally dearer than Dayton Audio 250watt plate. The Oaudio includes full phase adjustment 0-180degrees rahter than just a phase reversal switch. Sub drivers is a big question - i'd like to go low enough to put a bit of guts into Bach's Toccata and Fugue (or some Rammstein) but i definitely want to stay away from the boyracer stuff - music not thump please. The cabinet for the drivers works out at about 84 litres. The original Carfrae design had a peerless driver and a port in each base unit on one side. This enabled the base units to be swapped under the horns from left to right fireing into the centre or out to the sides of a room. I quite like the idea of a passive radiator design but wonder how the directionality of the bass would be affected with a driver one side and the radiator back to back on the other side would be. Your thoughts and advice on this and cone type for music would be appreciated - paper, cloth, polypropylene, aluminium? I've never had deep bass from a pair of speakers - so i've never had the chance to gain much experience. Last but not least how to finish MDF given the size of these things spraying them in or out of doors is out of the question. I'm thinking about someone witn a spray booth. There's a few horror stories about DIY MDF cabinets cracking up around the seams long after painting due to weather, home heating watever. It would be relatively easy to set up a router and put a tiny bevel on the edge of each section of MDF before i start gluing things together this might lessen the visual impact of any cracking whilst putting a subtle set of stripes on the horn. Your thoughts please. Ta Steve
  9. Further Information: For sale is a pair of Fastlane Frastrac horns, Bob Crites A-55-G compression drivers and ALK Engineering Klipsch A crossovers. Will consider reasonable offers. Pickup Bayswater during business hours or Sunbury after hours.
  10. Hi, I've only been researching hifi for a year, with the intention of sourcing a new system, and it seems the industry is generally split in two in the 5-15k range: - vendors with 4+ ways and they're generally <8", think paradigm / MA etc etc - DIY with >10" woofers with !horns! I don't quite understand the split. For context my favourite speaker I heard at the hifi show was the jbl S4700, yes, a vendor version of the latter. I do like large woofers. So if you wouldn't mind indulging my curiosity: - why the split? - why not buy the commercial versions? Too much fun playing with less finicky boxes than the smaller cousins and deqx?
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