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Found 5 results

  1. Best music for speaker placement and best speaker placement tutorial??? Having acquired a pair of Harbeth P3ESR speakers I'm having fun looking for the ultimate speaker placement. I have downloaded The Visual Sound the Sound Liaison DXD Music Sampler as it was recommended to me as being a great speaker placement tool. (Using the coupon code “XFI2019” you can download the 352DXD for $16 or the 24/ 96 files for $8.) Especially the phase coherent One Microphone recordings on the sampler seems excellent for that purpose: Carmen Gomes inc. One
  2. I am still (slowly, slowly) working my way thru auditioning various speakers etc. I just ran into this little video with a (surely one of many) way to empirically work out your best speaker placement (assuming soundstage is what you're going for... https://youtu.be/MOY_SneLtro Did anyone use this (or similar) method? Was it successful?
  3. So I am getting two subwoofers SVS PB-2000 Pro : Ported with dimensions 440mm(W) x 571mm(D) Martin Logan Dynamo 1100: Sealed with Dimensions 380mm(W) x 411mm(D) Room: 5800mm(L) x 3500mm(W) x 2700mm(H). Screen drop from a bulkhead which is probably going to 5500mm Reading few guides, it recommends ideally to have the two subs diagonal in the room if possible. I have a L shape couch with the end finishing at approx 3140mm and the wall is 3500mm. So gives me approx 360mm between sofa and wall. Neither will fit. So I will have to move the c
  4. Hi, these are total beginner questions so if it's been well answered before please point me in the right direction. OK so I just came from listening on cheap headphones and portable bluetooth speakers to a NAD 3045D + B&W 606's (on stands). I am listening either to my library ripped over the years from CD's using JRiver, or Deezer HiFi streaming or Tidal HiFi/MQA streaming (trialling because Deezer has some bad problems). Have tried both USB and optical connections from computer to NAD 3045D, and also optical connection to Chromecast Audio. It looks like USB lets
  5. Hey all, I'm hoping someone on here may have some experience with electrostatic speakers and difficult placement requiring the use of acoustic panels. I've purchased a pair of Martin Logan ESLs for my lounge room and I went in with my eyes open regarding difficult placement etc of this type of speaker. My situation is that ideally I need them to sit a little further back than the minimal recommended 2' from rear and side walls. They sound great where they are at the moment but having them so far forward is not aesthetically pleasing in our main living area (and the Mrs needs to be
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