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  1. Yes leaning towards the Rotels if going new, A12 or one of the bigger brothers, I have bit of flexibility in the budget since I can spend budget on amp and make do with other components for now. My other consideration is my partner wants something simple, with in built tuner etc like those on offer from Cambridge and Yamaha. Feel they won't stand the test of time however.
  2. I have been using some 70's Akai equipment for some time, but after a few recent moves and attack from a toddler, some faults have appeared. I’m in Melb so instead of joining the queue for repair (once they open), I’m looking to sideline my gear and do some upgrades. I'm sick of the mini system! Current speakers: RAM 200 Loudspeakers 75w/8ohms Looking to purchase integrated amp and turntable (bonus if I can find a cd player and tuner) Have about 2k to spend I really like the old gear but looking for something reliable and that will last…. I've ventured down an audio wormhole for past few weeks and have resurfaced confused with all the options. The main issue is deciding between old and new gear. I ain't no audiophile, but finding if new, I need to spend bigger than my budget and not confident in my choice. With the new gear I thought the Rotel A11 or even a Cambridge AXR100D may serve well before spending bigger in the future. With the older gear much to like also but have concerns about reliability and connectivity to digital sources. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Hi there! Looking to either repair my current setup or replace. Got a 70's Akai, amp and turntable, both seem to have issues atm. Any suggestions on where to get fixed in Melbourne? Or do you think time to upgrade? Cheers! Ned
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