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  1. All their studio albums are amazing - I think this or Colour of Spring is my fave
  2. Been a massive Sonic Youth fan for 30 odd years- this is among their finest releases - great to hear they're releasing some late era instrumentals this year
  3. I have a pretty big lounge - about 11x7 metres and have separate viewing and listening positions - I don't want to be looking at a screen when I'm playing records Tv goes into a klipsch soundbar and sub - TT into Marantz and B&Os ... i much prefer having them separate
  4. Still angry about the whole mess!! but i have been enjoying Kim and Thurston's solo stuff
  5. love these guys -sadsly hats and rooftops are very exxy now - haven't heard this one
  6. I know everyone bangs on about Nirvana but these were my peeps growing up - along with Sonic Youth and Mudhoney I forgot just how darn good this album is and the addition of an album's worth of excellent extras sweetens the deal i have this and the extras on CD (Whatever's cool with me EP) but buggered if i know where they are and now i no longer care Perfect surfy scuzz pop after a beach sesh - Mascis will always be my favorite rock guitarist
  7. Stunning album from start to finish 👏 👌 🙌
  8. Tangerine Dream - Hyperborea Virgin 1983 Superb
  9. an amazing album - have you listened to it through headphones for the complete 'dummy head' experience?
  10. Nice - I have the original not the expanded... man I wish they'd put Join the Dots out as a 10xLP box set - take my money!
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