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  1. Good suggestion! I've tested the remote, batteries are fresh and the receiver is pinging with a green light in the "remote panel" whenever I sent a signal from the remote, the audio via the remote is on max but unfortunately this hasn't increased the volume beyond what it was previously operating at - very quiet still. I notice that when I turn the volume knob to max, there are lots of 'pops' and 'crackling' coming from both speakers. I have also tested the built in tuner on the stereo receiver and cycled through some of the radio presets - same issue again, very quiet. After doing a bit of other research - is it possible that I need a "Pre-Amp"? Or by virtue that my stereo receiver has a "Pre-Out" this means it's performing the function of a Pre-amp? I do have another Yamaha receiver in the house that I can try and swap in to see if this solves the problem, but I was really hoping to get this one up and running. Any other ideas? PS I have also swapped out the audiogramme speakers with another set of yamaha speakers, and this did not solve the problem. I have also used an alternative set of speaker wires, which also did not solve the issue. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I've tried both the fixed and variable outputs. There is a remote (pictured below). Where would I plug the CD player straight into the power amp? It would have to be the Right Channel / Left Channel inputs at the top.
  3. HI Grizzly, It appears so - though I'm not sure I've got the tuner plugged in correctly. There's no "Tuner" input on the back of the reciever, I've plugged it into the "main in" input. Not sure if I haven't got the tuner plugged in correctly, or I'm just not tuning it in correctly to pick up a radio station. Where should I plug it in to test?
  4. Confirmed I have checked the following: 1) Tape monitor button is not on; 2) Source is set to CD; 3) Correct cables into appropriate plug; 4) Have tried changing the bass / treble and hitting some of the other buttons during play; Still getting very quiet audio. I have also tried this: 1. you have your speakers connected to the NAD stereo receiver 7240PE so to make that work you need to connect a RCA lead from "pre Out" sockets to "main in" sockets. That will link the internal preamp section to the power amp section in the NAD receiver & the you should get sound. And getting the same issue! This makes me think the problem is with the receiver, as it is not even plugged into the power amp. I will try and use another set of speaker wires - any other ideas of things to try? Thanks
  5. OK - great! So I've done this: Connect the speaker wires to the output terminals on the Adcom amp. Connect the "pre out" sockets On receiver) to Rh & Lch inputs on the Adcom power Amp And I'm getting audio through the CD channel, but it's almost imperceptibly quiet, so I'm going to check the speaker connections. I've setup the speaker wire with bananna plugs, but I'm not sure if they're correctly configured (pictures below). The output terminals at the back of the Adcom amp have a terminal with a screw, so I've loosened that fully off, inserted the speaker plugs and then tightened them back up - but not sure if this is right! Any adivce? Thanks again
  6. Thanks guys - that's very helpful! I'll try this and report back. Appreciate the help
  7. Hello, I have acquired some audio equipment from my grandfather, and looking some assistance in setting it all up correctly. The stereo is comprised of: 1. NAD stereo receiver 7240PE Power Envelope; 2. NAD stereo tuner 3400 (I don't really intend to use this, but have set it up to test it); 3. NAD CD player 5240; 4. ADCOM GFA-555 power amplifier (I don't really know what this does to be honest). 5. Audiogramme AG36 speakers x 2 I've assembled and plugged in everything as pictured below, but I can't get any signal from the CD player. All units are powered and appear to be working but no audio is playing through the speakers. I am very unsure about how I need to connect my speakers to the reciever and the power amplifier, and what settings I need to use, especially the "main in" / "pre out" lines on the back of the receiver. I also would like to know how I can plug in an auxiliary cord into the stereo reciever in order to play music via a tablet or smartphone, I've attempted to plug an RCA cable into the 'phono' port on the back, but I understand that this is typically used for a record player input. What's the best way of setting this up? Thanks!
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