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  1. Looks like it is done through the remote or the volume knob can do this so that is a possible option, thanks!
  2. Yes, I believe though audio keeps playing through your headphones at the same time while the XLR (or RCA) output are active. Really minor issue the more I think of it.
  3. The Jotunheim does basically what I want but from what I researched it keeps playing sound to the headphones if they are plugged in. I was hoping to not have to unplug my headphones every time (really minor problem in reality) Budget wise I guess I would say I have the RME ADI -2 FS DAC as high as I would go. I need about 5% of the features it does though for 99% of my audio.
  4. Hi All, I am looking for a DAC/HP amp combo that can also have XLR out to active speakers. I would really like it to have the ability to mute the HP signal when I switch to XLR output when using the speakers through XLR out and vice versa. I thought the Schiit Jotunheim 2 did this but that is not the case (the HP still have sound). I had this functionality on the JDS Labs Element II(no XLR sadly) and it was great. I know I could just unplug my headphones but it is nice to just leave everything plugged in. For the life of me I can't seem to find something that does this when I do some searching. Anyone have a product recommendation?
  5. Forgot to ask, how warm do you find the speakers get at the back after playing for a while?
  6. I talked with a sales rep and was given the same feedback (the guy I know owns the AE1s and he said he wouldn't put up with a harsh sounding speaker).
  7. I liked the Adam t7v I was able to demo so it probably gives me a sense of the A5X ( I like having the power button on the front). The AE1 I can't demo as they are halfway across Canada to buy. I am a little worried about a speaker being to revealing as not all my iTunes library is loss less or high quality from ripping my CD's 20+ years ago.
  8. Thanks for the write up on the AE1 Active. I have been looking for a new nearfield setup on my desk or possibly on some stands. I am down to these or Adam A5x (I think Navis are out due to 1 year warranty on the amp).
  9. Interesting to read this, not sure if it would be an issue in north america. I was considering these speakers or the Elac Navis and now see both seem to use a 2 pin power.
  10. Hi everyone, Found the site searching for some feedback on active speakers (Acoustic Energy AE1 active vs Navis vs Adam A5x) Music lover generally listening near to midfield at my desk as well as some gaming (less so now as I get older). Have slowly moved up the chain from logitech, audioengine, monsoon type speakers as a teenager to having Dali Menuet with Lyngdorf 1120 amp and Triangle Elara in my home currently. Also owned Elac Carina, DBR62, Triangle BRO3, Kef LS50, Martin Logan 35 XTi that I can think of off the top of my head. Look forward to reading others equipment and how they enjoy them!
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