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  1. I just want Apple Music for Windows. I'd hang on to my subscription and make it my main streaming platform if it weren't for the fact that Apple Music on Windows is literally non-existent and iTunes is trash (Windows streams at 256kbps AAC on the highest quality iirc)
  2. Phil is a great seller. I bought the NAD M51 DAC off from him a week and a bit ago & the packaging and the condition of the unit was exactly the way he described it in the post. GLWTS Phil
  3. My T1.3s sound even better with these - I never know how audio gear can do this every time, but it just does. The soundstage is just that little bit more expansive, but it's still not afraid to get intimate when it needs to. Every note from both the instruments and vocalists are just that bit more defined, and the lack of sound colouring from this DAC allow me to enjoy the sound signature of these Beyers with no issue. I'd highly recommend them, if you can find a good deal for them.
  4. Item: Auralic Taurus MKII Price Range: $1000 max, not including shipping Item Condition: Used, cosmetic wear is not an issue as long as the wear is nothing severe and it is a fully operational unit. Extra Info: N/A I know I bought a Sansui AU-101 recently, but I feel like my end-game for my headphone setup is on this amplifier... the current listings on the market are from the US, and the import fees, shipping & conversation rates add up 😅 I can go higher than $1000 if the unit if either brand new or in practically mint condition Skylah
  5. Thanks for all the responses everyone, but I've jumped on the sale of a used NAD M51 on this very website. Thanks again, and I may revisit this thread again some other time. Skylah
  6. I agree with this sentiment but it's more like something I want to upgrade now than in the future. Just forget about it once I buy it you get me
  7. Thanks mate, I was also considering the Topping D90 too considering its price, and the pairing with the Schiit Jotenheim seems very interesting My Beyerdynamic T1 3rd Generation is on the warmer side than most, and the Bifrost 2 as well as my upcoming Sansui AU-101 would prove too much over the long term. The D90 might balance it out a little, or I could keep the Sansui AU-101 for harder-to-drive headphones and go for the RME
  8. Looking to upgrade my DAC in the near future (either end of this year or beginning of next year), so I was wondering what a good high-end / possible end-game DAC would be at the budget in the title of the topic. I can go higher if it is worth it, especially if there's a lot of endorsements from forum members, but I don't know if I could justify stretching it past 3.5k on a DAC only (unless it has a very nice headphone amplifier that I can use as well) At the moment, I have my eyes set on the RME ADI-2 DAC FS, due to it having a lot of praise as both an amazing DAC and also a very capable headphone amplifier (one I would like for lower impedance headphones, I'm not quite sure how my T1s would react with my Sansui AU-101s that are hopefully coming soon) I also have my eyes on the Schiit Bifrost 2. I love the simplistic design and it seems to be a good compromise between pure analytical sound and musicality. Any recommendations? My current headphone rig is in the description below.
  9. Wow I was planning on buying a pair of T1s but I couldn't find any used cans on the market & the testimonies from happy T1.3 owners forced my hand into buying the T1 3rd generation headphones... whoever buys these is a lucky person though
  10. This journey has taken me to two different forums, a lot of random Ebay listings and doing more research on these units than I have studying for my university degree... there's nothing like this haha
  11. Item: Any vintage (1969 - 1979) Sansui receiver or integrated amplifier with at least 30 WPC Price Range: $0 - $700 (I can spend more if it has been recently serviced) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Postage only due to Government lockdowns, wouldn't want myself or anyone to get into trouble.
  12. Thanks for the advice, and yeah, the turntable setup was something I had to come up with on the fly (like in a week or so) but playing music from it sounded really nice so nothing to complain about haha
  13. As you can see in the title, my name is Skylah & I am a transgendered woman living in Sydney. My current audio setup where I currently live is as follows: Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium (600Ω) ⮕ Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B. ⮕ Desktop And my turntable setup at my parent's house is as follows: Boston Acoustics CR75 ⮕ Onkyo HT R420 AV Receiver ⮕ Audio Technica AT-LP60X I'm currently on the hunt for a vintage Sansui receiver or an integrated amplifier as the warmth of these vintage receivers will compliment my bright, analytical Beyers (that I've come to adore, but this itch of a warmer sound signature has forced my hand, and the power of vintage receivers and integrated amplifiers helps too) Please don't hesitate to start talking to me :) P.S. My name is also Skylah on head-fi.org, please don't hesitate to add me there too
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