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  1. Well Used Western Digital WD elements 3TB External HDD for sale. Working 100%. Formatted for new user.
  2. In Fair Condition. Functioning 100%. Battery Cycle: 999. Battery lasts for 4.5 hrs on half brightness while watching videos. Please note edges of screen. Rubber gasket around screen have disintegrated over time. Please note scratches, dents on body and screen. Happy to accept reasonable offer.
  3. I think thats all given in each of our audio journey to learn the hard way Thats the fun part
  4. IMPORTED FROM ZMF USA DIRECTLY AS LOCALLY IT IS ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK. USED FOR ABOUT AN HOUR THEN PACKED AWAY. ITEM DESCRIPTION: This pad will work with most full sized headphones with it's perfect dimensions and magic ZMF dust. The Universe pad is standard on the ZMF Vérité and ZMF Aeolus. The Universe pad also works great on the Eikon as a true neutral accompaniment. Suggested headphone match: Verite, Aeolus, Eikon (see matching guide here) - Outer Dimensions: 4.25" Diamater (108mm) - Ear cavity: 2.79 x 2.2 in (71 x 56 mm) - Thick angled side: 1" (25mm) Thin Angled Side: 0.79" (20mm) - Also compatible with: Fostex T20/40/50RP, Logitech Gaming Sets, MR Speakers Alpha, AT M20/40/50X Ultrasone, Beyerdynamic DT, Sennheiser 600/650
  5. USED FOR ABOUT AN HOUR THEN PACKED AWAY. Item Description: The official "Secret Menu" pads for Vérité. The BE2 pads keep some of the 3D space while giving you the added linearity that the Vérité pads deliver. Especially preferred by users with the Vérité Open. Suggested headphone match: Verite Open and Closed Also compatible with: Audeze and similar headphones
  6. Item's Description from Seller on Ebay Cable is 8 shares, 3.7mm (8 x 0.9mm) 19 x 0.12mm cores silver-plated cable weaved Cable length is about 1m - 1.05m High resolving power, smooth sound transparent clear and full of layered detail full of powerful low frequency
  7. Audioquest Golden Gate RCA Interconnect 0.6m in Excellent Condition for Sale. Bought it September from Addicted to Audio online. Used very little. Moved to Silver cable hence no longer required.
  8. Well Used Burson Vivid V6 Dual Op-amp for sale. Comes in a pair. Great Detail and dynamics. No longer required. Bought in July this year.
  9. In Great Condition. Well used. No longer needed. Upgraded to Wireworld Supernova 7. Best bang for the buck Optical Mini toslink available from Audioquest. Bought locally from Sydney.
  10. Well Used Rare USB B to Optical and Co-axial Converter. Bought from another SNA member not long ago.
  11. Up for sale is well used QED Reference Quartz Optical cable of 0.6m length. Bought not long ago from another SNA member.
  12. Selling my Wireworld Supernova 7 Toslink to 3.5 Mini Optical Cable in great condition. See Pictures for reference. No longer required as I have decided to use full toslink type. One of the greatest optical cable you could find. Bought from local store in Sydney in September 2021. I am the first owner.
  13. Well used amazing best bang for the buck USB cable. Purchased from another SNA member. Clear step up from Audioquest forest, cinnamon. This cable in my opinion is the sweet spot with price and performance. Cant go wrong with it. Only selling as I am upgrading to Pure silver as all of my interconnect, headphone cable are silver ones.
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