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  1. Shame I was looking for one of these and just bought a new amp Friday 😢
  2. Item: NAD M10 or M33 Price Range: $2500 or $5000 respectively Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for a new NAD system with Dirac with either the hypex or purifi modules. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  3. Interesting, never heard of class G before. Just A, B, and D. this looks promising but you cannot do a high pass filter on the mains if you are using a sub. Which I may want to add in the future. Looks like it ticks a lot of the boxes and I found it for $4k so it makes the budget, but also looking for options at a lower price as well.
  4. I just purchased a pair of S400s and looking for an amp to drive it. Currently I have an Apple TV that goes to a Topping E30 dac that was going to my old active speakers. I am borrowing an amp right now and need to get an amp at the very least ASAP for the s400. My first thought was getting a powernode 2i (2021 version) but after doing more research I was thinking of getting some sort of room correction setup as my room is not treated and has some issues with room modes. My budget is between $1-4k AUD. Components I was thinking about: NAD c658 + c298 NAD m10 minidsp shd + hypex based amp I was previously using active speakers so new to the game of component matching. I would like a smaller all in one, but open to separates. Cheers
  5. Hey folks, I am a keen music fan and looking to upgrade my lsr305s to an amp and speaker combo.
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