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  1. I have vinyl and digital it’s great to have a choice
  2. Hi Everbody good to be here
  3. C.E.C. TL51XR Belt driven CD Player - Balanced (XLR), AES/EBU Very much in original condition with brand new original remote, puck and box (including all the packaging inside). For local purchasers I can print out the User and Service Manuals which is not practical when posting due to the extra shipping costs involved. No works has been done on this. Just 2 drops of oil to stop a squeak and a new belt. Unlike some earlier C.E.C. units, this player reads CD-Rs with ease. Despite CD turntable being driven by belt, it fast forwards, rewinds and skips tracks like any other standard, direct driven CD player. Also unlike a lot of C.E.C. units which only use a standard, unmodified $15 Sanyo mechanism, a massive upgrade here has taken place and whole spindle has been re-worked and large mass brass assembly spindle has been manufactured and incorporated (please see pic below). This unit has balanced output, with 2 x PCM-1796 BURR-Brown chips. Rubycon and Cerafine caps used inside. It also has all three typs of digital outputs: - balanced AES/EBU on XLR - coaxial SPDIF and - optical Toslink This belt drive CDP operates unlike any other player I've come across. It is in the same fantastic condition I received it and excellent cosmetically, and it has been flawless in operation. The only blemish I can see is slight fade on the edge of slider / lid where you place your finger to open / close and typical minor scratches on back plate near inputs - see pics and is only noticeable if you are looking for signs of age. Make an excellent transport if you prefer your own DAC over the 2 x PCM-1796 BURR-Brown chips. Balanced outputs. Personally I thought this CDP had that great quality build feel when using - this thing is also like a tank when you lift it. Will be packaged very well - not original box I think ? https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/302198-fs-cec-tl51xr-belt-driven-cd-player-brand-new-remote-box-balanced-xlr-aesebu/
  4. Melos MA-333 Reference preamp in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Tubes are the rare and highly desirable SQ Mullard E88CC Holland x 4. These were bought NOS recently with little use since. The pre-amp was first released in the US around mid 90s, it was a "Class A" Recommended Component by Stereophile back in Oct 1998 (see attachment), and was favorably reviewed by Russell Novak in Stereophile’s April 1996 issue. Cost then in USD was $4400. It was renowned to have an excellent level of tonal richness and absence of grain, ambiance retrieval, beautiful tone, quiet gain; great sound staging quality and long term listen-ability. This is a plug and play preamp without any hassle. It has the preferred feature of being a fully balanced pre-amp like the Vitus Masterpiece that has displaced it in my system, and has Balanced (XLR) and RCA connections. Comes in two chassis, power supply and line stage preamp and weighs ~ 25kgs. The chassis covers are made with thick copper. Has remote control which is not original. It does not have the phono stage.
  5. Can you use for other makes of cables besides Nordost ?
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