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  1. I had just seen that after making my post! thanks for headphone suggestions too. LCD 2C are floating around the top of my list. Just waiting for Melbourne COVID lockdown to nick off so I can get to an audio store and do a few auditions!
  2. Thanks for the input Rob, although it seems the bifrost is a DAC only. and slightly more than double my total budget for amp and dac combined!
  3. Hello headphone chat! I am in planning stages of an upgrade. Currently running Ultrasone Pro900 directly from pc's 3.5mm. I havent decided on headphone yet, aiming at $1000aud. amp/dac around $500aud. In keeping tabs on the marketplace, I see a Schiit Jotunheim 1 with DAC module for $440 aud. being an older model, I wonder if it is acceptable comparison to buying a new Schiit Magni/Modi 3+ for the same price? I like the idea of future proofing my upgrade path, and it seems like the Jotunheim will have enough power to drive anything I would want to upgrade to in the future. Has anyone heard sound quality of both and can comment? Thanks in advance for helping. Its hard enough to make a decision in this hobby, let alone throwing in a constantly changing used market place!
  4. save myself from the cost of getting further into the hobby I assume?
  5. Hello. I purchased myself some Ultrasone pro900's a little while ago while researching headphones for my new computer setup. absolutly in love with them, and heard that they benefit from amplification. hence, signing up to further my hunt for a dac/amp that will compliment them!
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