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  1. oh so fast sales. Till looking for another chance
  2. Item: Mutec MC 3 Price Range: Nego Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a Mutec MC 3, if you wanna to sell, plz pm me Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  3. Hi I wanna try Lumin and Sotm products: - Lumin (any model except D and M series) - Sotm: tX-USB Ultra and Sps-500 Someone who wanna sell it, plz PM me. Tks
  4. I'm looking for HDFlex linear power supply 200/300 or 400W. PM me if you wanna to sell it
  5. If you have Lumin T1/A1/S1, plz PM me Tks
  6. Lumin A1/T1 also welcome
  7. I'm looking for Lumin D1/ D2. Plz PM me if you wanna sell it.
  8. Hi Everyone And Happy Lunar new year. Hope a chance to connect Audiophiles in my region. Tks.
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