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  1. Thanks Bro! @Pasic007. Doge 7 DAC is really fantastic and you can test some of the videos from the below link. The Listening Room - YouTube
  2. One of the best DAC I have ever heard so far. You really don’t need any high-end 10k or 20k DACS, just give a try this one on your set up and it literally blew me out. I did a head-to-head comparison with terminator and Doge-7 gives me a more detailed, 3d holographic and more analogue sound based on my preference. The highs are smooth, the mid and lows are very tight and controlled. Very neutral sounding DAC and I highly recommend to everyone out there! Must Must Must Try this and not to be missed before you buy an 20k DAC, I bet you that I can defeat most of the DACs that I have heard and Tes
  3. Item: Dayton Audio 12 Channel Power Amplifier MA1240a Location: Singapore Price: 499 Item Condition: Mint Condition Reason for selling: Downgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: See below. Original price was 999 SGD. Buy Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier Online in Singapore. B003DKVZHQ (ubuy.com.sg) The Dayton Audio MA1240a features a Class-AB output circuit that delivers superior audiophile sound quality and stable performance. Each of your installation's zones can benefit from the MA1240a's clean audio reprodu
  4. Item: Elite BAC 3000 Power Conditioner Location: Singapore Price: 3200 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Downgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Elite BAC 3000 Power Conditioner. Original price was 5799. Elite BAC 3000 – Plixir Power Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  5. Added another Analog tube chain in my setup that's none other then one of the best sounding DAC I have ever tested "DOGE 7 CLARITY" Currently running in and will share how the sound quality soon ......
  6. Thank you Bro ?@wechnivag, the Dayton UM15 is also a good driver, but I haven't used it yet. I didnt choose Dayton UM18-22, cause all my friends are using it and I wanted to try something new. But In terms of overall performance Dayton UM18-22 wins. Even Seaton subs using the same drivers as similar to Dayton UM18-22 and very impressive. ?
  7. My DIY Journey with Tymphany Peerless STW350 Drivers. I love the Bass!!! - Showcase Your System & Build Threads - StereoNET Asia just have a read and have some fun!!!
  8. I am overall pleased with the results and I am happy to recommend this sub for your HT setups. Choosing your Drivers? I would recommend Dayton UM18 22 (Cheap and best), if you are really an Subwoofer enthusiast. Dayton UM18 22 can give you a best performance based on my personal experience with one of my friend @kennyluck2000?. Peerless Drivers was recommended by one of my HT Friend @Brightbladesg. Then, I decided to go with Peerless Tymphany STW350. The reason behind is that it resembles SVS PB16 which has 8 inch voice coil which provides better linear excur
  9. Dear @rock123, Thank you so much ? for posting this and highly appreciate it. Just my simple set up and trying to further fine tune and improve further ?
  10. Hey Bro, I would suggest to use CPU fans on top of the ventilation. Denon always tend to be so hot and lead to HDMI board issues. I always blow in the air and very effective. You can either choose to blow out as well, but I see if you use computer fan its not very effective. But AC infinity will do a best job.
  11. Item: Wharfedale Evo 4.c Center Speaker Location: Ang Mo Kio Price: S$ 850 Item Condition: New (Used for 1 hr) Reason for selling: Open for testing for 1 hour and then I packed them in the box as my Projector set up couldn't accommodate the bigger center speakers. Payment Method: Paynow, or Cash Extra Info: Item is currently packed and in mint condition. Comes with original Box and have warranty for one year. Bought from PAR Audio for 950 SGD and original receipt will be given to you for warranty purposes. Wharfedale Evo 4.c Center Speaker not wharefedale diamond Deno
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