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  1. yes, that would def be the ideal situation, but honestly, i'm quite happy with the current setup, for now...
  2. curious how this compares to the iphono ii, which i'm currently using. likely will have to wait and see if other people who has listened to both units.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^ think i'll just leave them as ????????? weird thing is the album name shows up ok, but they song titles don't. ?
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ i'm using cold ray ceramic under my tt, should be similar? i also used mini iso pucks prior to the cr ceramic, that did make the music feel slightly behind the speakers, ever so slightly less defined, while cr ceramic sounded nearer, ever so slightly crisper.
  5. i tried to download the jriver jukebox, but it seems like they stopped it, only the paid one works, which i didn't download. i don't use other players/media centers, as i use the app on the ipad to access my NORD streamer, 4stream, which pulls it from my pc (like dlna i think). it shows exactly what i shared, the funny thing is it registers the singer name, album, but not song titles. doesn't seem to help, i previously had simplified chinese already installed. and i added traditional.
  6. so i wanted to try my hand to tag some of my chinese cds, tried mp3tag. it looks like it works in the program. but in windows page it's still "???" i tried to save and exit and come back same thing. not sure why.
  7. the iso stands i have are the basic plastic ones, they look a bit more spartan but work very well, i really recommend them, you just need to be sure to check the weight limit, per puck, and also make sure the total weight is 10% less than what the pucks can take. a lot of people miss this part, and wonder why theirs don't work as well as they should.
  8. i am using the regular fat dot, which actually is quite hard, apparently can take weights of up to . bass tightened, imaging clearer. this results are vs original (basic foam footers on the stands). each piece can take quite a bit of weight (20kg or more if i rem right). i've seen ppl using iso stands between stands AND speakers, i have those for another set of bookshelves which i am using on the table.
  9. i use stuff from herbie's fat dot, for between stand and speakers, compared to some stuff here considered very cheap. they are also quite grippy.
  10. if you do and are in the east, i would def patronize. ?
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Errmmmm, i think the same applies as the "cannot rip CDs into HDD and plug into DAC for playback" part that Audio mentioned. thumbdrive = hdd (technically)
  12. looks like a great setup! so nice to have so much floor space.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ woah, would love your thoughts on them.
  14. i was wondering the same thing with my iphone. have a usb B plug that i thought of trying.
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