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  1. merged sia gone international conglomerate no more local feel sia no mo kvetching about garment sia
  2. Shallow pockets drive an audiophile to try to get a good deal online and often that leads to China and to Aliexpress, while I had good/ok-so-so/bad deals from there, I had nothing to really share until now where recent bad experiences with 2 sellers there caused me much heartache and made me doublt as to the actual sincerity and good-will of my fellow human brethren. First was seller named 'Shop5702020 Store' and person talked to was 'July', the second being a shop that at least had a name that didn't suggest 'fly by night', the almighty 'Amplifier and transformer- Store Now, I prefaced
  3. Lai lai SO CHEAPO CAN DIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HsnRcW-Pak
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