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  1. FS seldom use Marantz CD6003 player $280. In good working condition. Self Collect at Tampines. Tel. 86477525
  2. FS seldom use Marantz CD6003 player $280. In good working condition. Self Collect at Tampines. Tel. 86477525
  3. FS seldom use box UBox i one Android box $40. Specs: U BOX i one (i828) TV Box Amlogic S802 Android 4.4.2 Quad-Core WiFi MIMO Bluetooth 4K x 2K H.265 Google TV Player color:BLACK size:EU (2GB+8GB) Tel 86477525
  4. FS seldom use Marantz CD6003 player $280. In good working condition. Self Collect at Tampines. Tel. 86477525
  5. I qoute from your link regarding interlaced scanning but still question it. The problem is you don't want to mention the frequency even when you scan a document there is a frequency of scanning, from there you can see the difference. You just said they are the same we just believed in you without explanations and just gave copy and the link. I gave up.
  6. yes it true that's why they only broadcast at 1080i/50 in singapore instead of 1080p/50 because it consume double the bandwith.
  7. So ok I mixed up, I agree that number of lines in I and of P are the same per frame I did not disputed that but you did not mention is the frequency. For I you need 2 cycle to achieved 1 frame but for P you need only 1 cycle that's the difference between I and P. I already mention that they are similar on I running at 60hrz and P running at 30hrz but they are different if both running at 60 hrz.
  8. You are just looking for my mistakes to discredit my statements thats why even the one I quote from your link you also question. So now you said 1080i and 1080p is the same and only the difference is only the way they scan so its time for you to explain why they are the same. I show you already their differences many times.
  9. The one I cut and paste is to re-enforced my argument besides I mention that it is qoute from your link. For technical person like you should be able to get it, you even question it. Anyway here is my explanation in my own word. In interlace it scan the screen by odd and even numbers alternately and one scan is one cycle or 1hrz, to produce one frame you need two scanning or two cycles so if you are on 1080i running at 60hrz the total number of frames is 30. In progressive it scan full frame in one scanning so in 1080p running at 60hrz you produce 60 frames in full scanning. You see the number of frames in i and p running at 60hrz are different. But in 1080p running at 30hrz you produce 30 frame which is similar to 1080i running at 60hrz.
  10. No wonder you can not accept explanations from others that you think is lower than your status even the one I quote from your link.
  11. You game me a link from wipedia and I quote a statements from wikipedia still question it. You have to ask wikepidia already if you can not understand or accept those statements. Bye.
  12. video at a similar frame rate—for instance 1080i at 60 half-frames per second, vs. 1080p at 30 full frames per second). A PAL-based television set display, for example, scans 50 fields every second (25 odd and 25 even). The two sets of 25 fields work together to create a full frame every 1/25 of a second (or 25 frames per second). quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlaced_video
  13. correction 1080i 60hrz = 30 frames , 1080p 60hrz = 60 frames , 1080p 30hrz = 30 frames . So at 60 hrz I and P the no. of frames is different. there is no per sec as I mention before I is 1/2 of P frame.
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