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  1. I have 2 turntables cos I have 2 setups, a 'better' one (Gyrodec with Graham 1.5c unipivot, Hana SL) in my music room, and a 'not so good' one (CEC ST930 with Grace 707 unipivot, Nagaoka MP300). Am actually in the process of setting up a 3rd system, so if any bros here thinking of selling one of their turntables, I'll be all ears!!! ben
  2. So, every once in a while I will get the urge to tweak my Gyrodec. Recently I felt the itch again. So after some reading, I decided to upgrade the suspension springs, as well as add some lubricant to the bearing oil and Papst AC motor. Although I love my Gyrodec, I've always had less love for the suspension springs - they're fiddly to adjust at best and I can never the the bounce perfectly right. There are several upgrade options out there - I know of at least three. Two of them replaces the springs with O-rings, but I opted for this option by a company called Solidair, which replaces the springs with ebony spacers that effectively hang the subchassis on waxed thread! No particular reason why I chose them except I am more familiar with the use of ebony in musical instruments, and I have my doubts about the long term reliability of O-rings. So the Solidair pylons arrived yesterday, and I quickly fitted them, and it was a simple 10 minute affair - there's no more bounce. Just have to level the table, position the motor housing such that it it not in contact with the subchassis, and it's good to go! Then I also added 2 drops of ZX1 oil to the bearing assembly and 1 drop to the AC motor, then replaced everything back. How does it sound? Everything's still there - the detail, soundstaging, PRaT, etc, but everything just flows more naturally, more 'cheng', more musical! Sharing some photos here...hope they work this time!
  3. Extremely hard to find Sony STB-B5000 ceramic CD stabilizer for Sony CDP-X5000 player. New Old Stock. Comes complete with original black box and outer slipcase. Photos here: https://sg.carousell.com/p/sony-stb-b5000-ceramic-cd-stabilizer-1012763006/ Asking S$338 or nearest offer. View and deal at Kembangan MRT station. Thanks for looking!
  4. Aiyoh! I give up!!! If Google images cannot be hosted here, how come I can see on my Mac desktop, Chromebook and Android hp?!? Only other place I can think of to see the photo is here on IG:
  5. Sorry for the super late response. Able to see the images now?
  6. Difference in sound: Music 'flows' better, more fluid, more natural, more relaxed. Does that make sense? Photos not loading...dunno how to correct leh... ben
  7. Here's my MkII again, but this time upgraded with inverted bearing and new decoupled suspension turrets!!!
  8. For sale: Cardas Neutral Reference phono cable 1.25m terminated with Rt angle DIN and RCA plugs. Real, genuine, Made in USA Cardas, not MIC fake cardas! Patented, golden Ratio, Constant Q, Cross-Field, pure copper, Litz cable. Hand made and custom hand terminated by The Silent Terminators in USA. Comes with original product brochure and original purchase receipt. Asking S$350 firm. View and deal at Kembangan MRT. Lowballers and time wasters stay away. Don't compare my price with online prices. Plenty of fake cardas online - very cheap! You want cheap, welcome to buy those! Thanks for looking! Photos here: https://carousell.com/p/cardas-neutral-reference-phono-cable-1-25m-158190957/
  9. Wow, been playing hifi and vinyl since the 80s but have almost never visited this forum. Very surprised and happy to find there's a community of fellow Gyrodec lovers in Singapore! As a matter of greeting, here's my Mk II bronze/black Gyro with half-height AC motor housing, aluminium bearing & QC power supply, with a AT33ANV mounted on a Graham 1.5tc unipivot. Hello, everyone! ben
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