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  1. Hi hi...I’m new here. Got give away ntuc vouchers bo ah? ??
  2. I think you are right! Thanks for highlighting the video.
  3. Problem resolved. After some testing i finally found out that need to turn ON the <AMD FreeSync Premium> in my LG CX Oled picture additional settings to make the DV VS10 works. So confirmed my inexpensive 8K HDMI v2.1 cable is not the culprit. ;D
  4. Bro, tested...mine CX oled don’t hv problem playing hdr with hdmi ultra deep switch on. Only thing is every time after switch it on or off...hv to reboot zidoo to see the correct contrast n colour. U may wanna try. This is a sample of how hdr appear on my CX with hdmi ultra deep turn on.
  5. So far I have no problem playing hdr file. Hmm...i’ll try it out see how. Thanks bro
  6. Not using the stock cable. Lazy to get to the back of console so just unplug the z9s and plug in z9x. Using back this cheapo cable...dunno it’s the culprit onot. Must find time to check it out
  7. Yes bro, using CX oled. Which oled option are u referring to? Where to find it? Haven’t even play any file yet...click on DV VS10 tv immediately turn black screen liao
  8. Yes I did but doesn’t help. Other side loaded apks are mostly ok so didn’t bother much. Btw, although can see DV VS10 Engine in my settings but once click on it my tv become black screen with a DV logo at the top right corner. That means tv actually received DV signal but just don’t know why no image. Tried diff colour settings n hdmi mode also can’t help. Read from zidoo forum this is due to lg oled tv bug...not sure how true.
  9. I can see it in my z9x but when set to dv VS10 engine my lg cx oled tv appear black screen with only a dolby vision logo at top right corner ::) ???
  10. Saw iQiyi app in play store just dl n try...must lie down to watch ;D ;D ;D
  11. Z9x review but in chinese... https://kknews.cc/zh-sg/digital/v5vq4yq.html Another one... https://www.hao4k.cn/thread-48672-1-1.html
  12. New series start selling online in August. Bro Peng got any "follow shipment" or "bring in any media player" offer bo? ;D https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzA5OTk0NTIzNw==&mid=2247484753&idx=1&sn=7b51a20a749142fc0e1726afc11f6c8b&chksm=90fbdb2ba78c523d74fc0f5ca33ca2f0fbcf7a39899389fcc0b1172500639855a5207902e32e&xtrack=1&scene=0&subscene=93&clicktime=1595928649&enterid=1595928649&ascene=7&devicetype=android-29&version=27000f41&nettype=e-ideas&abtest_cookie=AAACAA%3D%3D&lang=en&exportkey=An6ucmijIdI2gSncAzigjP4%3D&pass
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