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  1. Oh so it came from you, good job u still feedback to minidsp. the thing with us is we expect someone to feedback, then that person thinks someone else will feedback, and so on, and in the end, no one gives their feedback ? but good job minidsp, they constantly provide improvements their their firmware upgrade
  2. The greenwave will emit some noise, if it’s working hard. As you will notice it comes down from 1800mv to 230mv. It’s normal If your home unit is old >25 years, maybe it’s a good idea to check the wiring for the entire home , maybe worth considering rewiring ...
  3. Upgrade completed plugin v1.16, XMOS v1.12 works well still with Wifi dongle, nothing changed. All seem good
  4. Spider-Man animation cartoon just looks unbelievably stunning on 135! Just random pics from HP What a fantastic projector for the price my 65” OLED TV is really becoming a white elephant now
  5. This is now the calibrated BenQ 5700 using player led dolby vision processing from oppo 205 with a HD fury fantastic HDR now ! Dolby vision rules picture quality is stunning, this is just from a pj that doesn’t cost a bomb , here is another review done recently elsewhere in another country
  6. This might just be the reason why you wanna consider the Xbox series X mine is on its way, looking forward to HDR games in Atmos ! Good quality specs will share some pics once I have completed the calibration for HDR video on the Xbox series X... drool... https://www.polygon.com/xbox-series-x/21516370/xbox-series-x-auto-hdr-optimization-app
  7. May not be true actually. Someone actually had the real Xbox for testing , check out his video here ,games are also backward compatible
  8. Yea correct. Check all the wiring is the first thing to do, if u zoom in to the initial posts. but this one is a bit special, it is plugged into a plixir power conditioner . The conditioner is hot. I’ve just confirmed it again. After taking it out, it is no longer hot. The greenwave filter itself is not hot, but the power conditioner is hot the strange part is , it doesn’t happen on the Bada direct sockets and yes polarity is all correct with the 3 prong version, straight into USA sockets
  9. Up next is this animation from Disney, looks good !
  10. I tried Spider-Man (Sam raimi version) epi 1&2 yesterday . But it was in Atmos. Not too bad, didn’t try to upmix, just played the original Atmos track . A lot more details with web swinging and overheads. Very enjoyable yesterday I could really feel the “emotions” of tobey McGuire in the movie. We were all glued to the big screen. I think he makes a better Spider-Man. At the end of the session, the boy preferred the tobey version whilst the girl preferred Tom Holland version today we will resume Spider-Man 3, I’ll check out the upmix version , though I’m not a fan of upmixing content
  11. Hi one thing I have noticed is that when the greenwave goes into the plixir power conditioner, and when the plixir is idling in standby, it is hot! The greenwave itself is not hot or warm. But when plugged into the plixir and only if it is idling, it becomes hot. Once u take it out, the plixir is no longer hot. Or when you are actually watching movie with system on and greenwave plugged into the plixir , it is also not hot. But slightly warm, which is the normal thing so you might want to take note. Not sure if it is ideal to keep plugging it in and out ill observe today to see if Bada is hot. I don’t recall the Bada being hot but will confirm today
  12. Try first see if u like the sound. Personally I’m using the monitor audio GX300. They sound fantastic pairing the GX300. ive come to learn that the speakers are not really the most critical piece of equipment in the set up, the amplifier is. Many will argue speakers are the most important , but I beg to differ imagine if u had a very high end speaker, but it doesn’t have good amplifiers, the sound will be mediocre at best. Because if the amplifiers carry noise, and amplifies it, the speakers will suffer. If the amplifiers are silent, with very Low noise, distortion /noise will not be amplified, the speakers can then really perform So if u have a normal decent speakers, fed with good amplifier like the purifi, will sound better than the high end speakers with normal amplifiers so personally I have found, that the amplifier is actually really a very important aspect. I think it warrants great attention
  13. In case anyone is wondering, the new mics cost usd195, vs the old UMIK-1 costing usd75 only if u r just measuring just to identify room problems, the UMIK 1 would suffice . Don’t even need the ones from cross spectrum lab, they are identical, I found no difference whatsoever with the ones coming from CSL however if you using the mic for Dirac live room correction, then you will benefit greatly from this improved version Biggest benefits are Low noise , so u can have better signal to noise ratio, at higher volumes. Can also take in higher readings for subs without clipping When the “captured” data has higher resolution, the Room correction software will have “higher quality data”, from then on, it will be able to apply better corrections/filters , because it now possesses better quality data from the measurements so those using Dirac live v3 and above will benefit from this mic Until today, the UMIK-1 to me is classified as the best ever $75 investment I have made
  14. I think it’s alright, definitely not too near. But the Power sockets are at the bottom, as you stand up, that’s quite a distance away. So it’s ok no problem have you measured the difference with an EMI meter ? That would tell you where to place them ideally
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