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  1. Letting go of a pre-loved KEF Q200C centre speaker (black). Selling as I’ve upgraded to the R-series & kept as a spare (still reluctant to sell it as it is a very good spare centre speaker to keep). CONDITION: 9/10. Tweeters and drivers are in GREAT CONDITION. Used for abt 5-6 years but well taken care of. Aesthetic condition as it is on photo, just some minor scuffs below the speaker which can't be seen. This speaker series won awards in the international hifi scene. The online reviews speak. What makes it sound so good and coherent at this price point is KEF's fam
  2. Depends on the purpose of your platform/ console. E g. Is it meant to be an isolator /decoupler or a pure tv console. It will be useful to state the purpose of the low console.
  3. Nice. Looks promising at that price point. Cant wait for the reviews
  4. Are the models with dirac under the integra line only?
  5. Hope it gets released asap. Hoping it can give jap avr w audyssey a worthy fight and help push up quality overall
  6. If Onkyo can do it right with this next gen of AVR with Dirac, it will really be a game changer for AVRs at the same price points. And bring back the old glory it had on its older AVRs. Dirac room EQ is super solid. Did they say when it's gonna be released? Is it July 2021?
  7. This greenwave product is really good for the money. My first time using such a product. I've finished my tests with it. It really brought down the electrical reading in my HT electrical circuit by a GIANT margin. Super effective. Data doesn't bluff. No fluke. Assuming all other devices which are powered on are kept constant, my initial reading without any greenwave plugged in is average of about 1200. After i added 1 greenwave unit, it dropped to about 250 (best socket). Adding a 2nd greenwave unit at the "best socket", it brought it down to about average 55. Wow,
  8. if it's for music , suggest you go with Rythmik due to its servo tech that makes it very musical. But u may need to up a bit of your budget even for used. And, get dual subs if you can, unless you have a way to eliminate your room problems that cause freq below 200hz to have large swings/dips/peaks/nulls.
  9. +1 on this too. And it probably depends if 8k media/sources really take off in the next 3-4 years? 4k took quite a while before it became more available "mass market" Plus I still remember, the so-many HDR formats made it super complicated in terms of the additional support needed too. So assuming the HDMI board can support 8k, but touch wood, another type of HDR format over 8k gets released and the board cannot support it, then it may not make the investment be worth.
  10. Wonder in sgd, how much will it cost..... But then, is the main advantage 8k video support only? Cos there are not much 8k media now anyway
  11. Nice. Thanks for this Seems like just announced. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1622106779 For existing x8500h owners, it states the cost of upgrading is usd$599? ? So ex.
  12. Hope their software support willl be good too. Esp playing off usb. Currently, the oppo supports file formats cia usb quite well. Something that is often under-mentioned . ?
  13. Just came across this article. Anyone read/ heard of this brand before? https://www.audioholics.com/blu-ray-and-dvd-player-reviews/reavon-uhd-blu-ray Hope this will be the oppo successor? It will be very sad if oppo 203/205 gets obsolete and there is no worthy successor ?
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