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  1. Make sure there is no fray speaker cables touching each other after you have inserted them into the AVR. Banana plugs suggested by Pete will eliminate this.
  2. Check your ATV firmware and also the video setting
  3. SW12 is a good start and you can audit the Dali subwoofer too. They are very good for music.
  4. If you are looking for uncompressed sound formats, you have no choice but get an AVR with eARC
  5. I think the older members have been dispersed.
  6. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/manually-time-aligning-subwoofer-s-to-mains-how-to.15269/
  7. https://bobmccarthy.com/phase-alignment-of-subs-why-i-dont-use-the-impulse-response/
  8. If I have to choose, I will go for 2 as the FR is smoother. I used to spend a lot of time measuring and recalibrating but guess the toil get the better of me and also due to my busy work schedule. What you like is the most important as like Boxer said, flat FR doesn't mean it is what you like and narrow dip is not critical. I would prefer to measure, calibrate, tune and spend the rest of the time to enjoy your gear. What is the point of spending $ and time if you don't get to truly enjoy them?
  9. I agree that you should just trust your ears. If you are not able to differentiate then just leave it with either option.
  10. Winthur aka winwinc81 from Ovation United. Contact: 9687 2905
  11. I think forgoing Audyessy is a mistake for Onkyo.
  12. Leaving it on auto mode is fine. Power cycling are usually no good for most electrical products.
  13. Looking at the library, it seems there isn't any Chinese movies unlike Netflix. Maybe the target audience is different
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