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  1. depend on which model , if is Z9x , did you enable samba server under the Network setting on the zidoo ? did you see your connected hdd by clicking media center on zidoo ? ( on the left of the screen , move mouse all the way to left will bring up the device list.
  2. To find out offer of Anthony Gallo , JVC , Ken Kreisel , Rythmik, Zidoo . Scan QR and indicate send Info.
  3. The price dif of lamp vs Laser for the same NX7 vs NZ7, is the cost you will have to look at it after 2 to 3 Yrs of used if the Laser failed , How to one for sure is the Laser problem if a Laser base projector not able to fire up ? What happen if after you replace the Laser light source that cost you so much and then mainboard failed or HDMI input failed , cost of ownership will be …. For 3-5 Yrs ? change lamp every Yrs , may not cost you so much for a life span of a projector for 3-5 Yrs . Even your used laser in 3 Yrs will replace by cheaper and better tech . Laser base are more for user , will use it for long operation hrs and can hit 2000 hrs in a year then have ROI .
  4. A new lamp cost not more then Sgd 400. without warranty will cost you more then that for repair or can dispose off that projector as used projector hv no resale value. Go for warranty , anything goes wrong send in for repair . If don’t like the projected image and colour can still sell it off as with warranty . A 100% new or used less then 100 hrs non Stop projection lamp will not have any burnt spot on the inner bulb and may still can see some mercury like inside ( can observe from the reflector ). Anyone can reset the lamp hrs as they like , but will not able to on the lamp itself and also not able to reset total runtime ( This need to have a code then able to access in workshop ) thru the com port.
  5. WA@96387418 to arrange . Price inclusive of local delivery and warranty .
  6. WA@96387418 to arrange testing . Price inclusive of local delivery.
  7. Don’t understand ? we have stock for F18 , FV-18 only pre-order .
  8. Yes, price are in SGD with local GST nett.
  9. Z9x , Roon to rock , time to play…. https://roonlabs.com/partners/zidoo
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