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  1. Thank you everyone, I was worried most about the speaker connections. I will look into banana plugs!
  2. So as some of you may remember, I started a thread recently asking for help diagnosing some popping sounds from my AVR. As of today, its completely dead and no sound comes out but the video passes through fine. Since my speakers and sub are still working, have decided to get a replacement AVR. Here's my problem: my initial setup was done by the shop which sold me my HT setup, and I'm a noob at hifi connections. How easy is it to remove my speaker and subwoofer connections from my current Onkyo TX-NR616 and install into a new AVR of possibly a different brand?
  3. 1. It's a 5.1 setup 2. No sound from all speakers 3. All HDMI inputs have no sound, tuner has no sound too ? Sounds terminal hor? sigh
  4. The video came back after I unplugged and plugged back the AVR to TV HDMI cable, but still no sound. Guess something is fried hence no more audio transmission? Unlikely to be the speakers right? Unfortunately I don't have any other speakers to test with.
  5. Absolutely nothing at all, the master reset shouldn't require me to do any additional set up again right? It's so weird that it doesn't even seem to detect my devices now
  6. Finally got round to trying the reset. Now I don't even get any video haha, really not sure what is wrong ?
  7. Hi everyone, am having some issues with my setup, wondering if anyone has any ideas. I'm currently using an Onkyo TX-NR616 (yes I know very old haha) paired with some Tannoy speakers and a SVS sub. Recently, my system would randomly lose audio, whether I'm watching something off Apple TV or playing a console. Nothing seems to bring it back other than shutting everything down and restarting it an hour or so later. Today, I noticed a lot of "popping sounds" from the speakers, which was then followed by the audio loss. Given that this occurs reg
  8. Thanks guys! Looks like the problem was with my HDMI output on the Onkyo after all. Forgot that I had to enable to the output on the sub as well, once I did everything worked again. So looks like I'm left with one working output on my Onkyo. Thanks again guys!
  9. Thanks! However, I just tried it and the issue is still the same :'(
  10. Hi everyone, Have not posted here in a long time, but am kindly seeking the help of experts here: My setup: Sony Bravia KDL-55 Onkyo NR616 Starhub, Apple TV, PS4, Nintendo Switch all connected to the Onkyo Have had this setup for 6 years with no major issues, but today when I turned on the system using my regular Logitech Harmony, there was no image on the screen, it was just showing the HDMI input selected. I tried switching from the Starhub box, to Apple TV, to my consoles, but nothing appeared on the TV. I can hear the sounds from the Starhub box, but no image at al
  11. Selling a lot of 37 blurays, mix of new and used Selling as a lot only, take all for $150 Batman Begins The Dark Knight Labyrinth Top Gun Looper The Rocky Horror Picture Show Platoon The Social Network Serenity Les Miserables Australia The Assassination of Jesse James 28 Weeks Later Black Death Office Space The Fighter The Boondocks Saints The Princess Bride Toy Story 3 Braveheart The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo The King's Speech Spaceballs Master and Commander The Far Side of the World Million Dollar Baby Sunshine Changeling T
  12. Clearing my collection of new and used blurays Discounts possible if buying 3 or more Collection from Sengkang or Harbourfront, other locations please check with me Whatsapp me at 8180 2138 for enquiries Prices as follows: Alien Anthology (new) $50 The Godfather Collection (new) $50 Toy Story 3 4-disc combo pack (new) $30 Wreck it Ralph Ultimate Collector's Edition (used) $25 Blade Runner 5 disc collectors edition (used) $50 New titles $12 each: 28 Weeks Later The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford Australia Batman Begins Black De
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