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  1. 1 yr full warranty cmi dah. These days warranty chow chow 3yrs dah
  2. How bro yang. Any 100" TVs coming at 3k pricing bo ha ha. Maybe xiaomi should come out 1.
  3. Bro Yang, I asked Best Denki salesman, whats the diff btw LG SM, UN models, he told me SM are older models but specs supposedly better than UN.
  4. My bro bought OLED 55" his 55SM8000PTA giving away to me. I check w dalesman. He told SM is older than UN models but specs better than UN. Dunno how true. I will make an comparison. As for xiaomi I give it a miss I rather get prism + at least got 3yrs warranty
  5. The iptv interface looks like my previous geek TV box.
  6. Lately alot of channels lag or freeze than blank out after update. I WhatsApp to tech support. Usual reply "we have directed your problem to supplier" ha ha
  7. After more than 2 wks my bil ask me whether still hv. Sales guy told me sold off after I didn't sound interested. Wasted ah.
  8. I gotten evpad 5p today performance seems better.
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