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  1. I just realised you are from Australia so maybe I was looking at the wrong websites could you supply me with any links as when I googled those names it came up with just the plans no pricing
  2. Thankyou for that info they are over seas I would prepare to purchase in Australia Has anyone got any preferred stockist in Australia for speaker kits
  3. So I forgot to mention I would appreciate any advise anyone could offer me
  4. Hi Im an every day Aussie who is building a new home on the beach. I have a beautiful outside Alfresco that I want to play my music while enjoying a sea view. I have the ability to build Blackwood speakers but no experience as to what speaker kits to use or where to purchase from all as I know is I like music and just want a great speakers can anyone help guide me. My budget is $500 for the kits is this enough? I will also like to know what sort of pre-amp to buy I have run my speaker wire used 12 AWG 2 CORE wires which I believe is ok. Im happy to solder and make the crossover if th
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