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  1. Hi Guys, Problem solved. It looks like my Emotive XDA-2 volume level was too high and clipping the signal. As it's a DAC and HP amp, it has a volume control. My assumption is that the new gain level coming in was very high, and with the extra gain in the HP amp module, it was clipping the signal. Sounding pretty good now.
  2. MQA pass through or not doesn't effect it. Is there a setting to completely switch off MQA? I'll look into Qobuz.
  3. Hi Guys, Anyone else experienced this? I've engaged Tidal tech support, and have uninstalled the Windows App and cleared the folders, but still doing it. I'm running a Windows 10 Surface Pro 3, in a Dock off to a Emotiva XDA-2 DAC via USB Any suggestions or thoughts would be welcome.
  4. Hey Rezta, Any update on this? Definitely interested.
  5. Yeah, double checked. Definitely not. Trailing Tidal ATM.
  6. This might be fixed. https://au.pcmag.com/services-players/44272/amazon-music-unlimited
  7. What exactly are you trying to learn about? Sound quality, dynamics, sound staging, etc? How to identify why something sounds "better"? Hardware components, speakers, amps, sources, cables, etc? Do you have a nice system at the moment, or looking to upgrade and want to do some decent research and what's the best path. to take? PS: Hifi can consume your life. But it's so much fun. Ha ha ha
  8. Hi Guys, any Integra owners out there who aren't satisfied with the audio quality of the internal DACs? I've gone from an older Emotiva Surround pre-amp to this unit and I'm not really happy with the audio quality in comparison. That includes Direct, Stereo, and any of the effects set-ups. I've run Deezer and it's not as good as my Emotiva XDA-2 DAC (really noticeable), but anything coming directly to be decoded doesn't sound very open, a bit flat. I've tried messing around with the EQ, but flat seems the best thing to stay with. If you do just a little too much treble it puts out too much sibilance. Anyone else had this problem/issue? Any suggestions on fixing it? Thanks
  9. So it looks like there's mixed ideas of what might happen in my system. The AMP is an ATI AT525 200 watts a channel. Set-up will be bi-wired with Nakamichi banana plugs. I think I'll just get them and do a listening test and give you guys an update. Total cost is about $120 for 2 x 3m runs. Expected outcomes are: Possible a little muddy (detail) OR not. Brighter or Duller More dynamic extension OR not Sound stage and imaging?
  10. I don't think I'm in the market for $1000/cables
  11. Here's the cable. So based on this spec, it should be rated at less than 250 Ohms. And based on the cable analysis, that should put it below cable 4. close spaced round cable. Supplier info: https://lappaustralia.com.au/en/lapp-350183428-428
  12. It doesn't say if it's solid or not. I think it's multi-strand. I'll have to check.
  13. What do you mean by "degrades the 'life' of the music"? Dynamics? Warmth? Clarity? Sound stage? All of the above? I'm running old single strand Speaker cables at the moment. Had them for about 25 years. As I've recently upgraded my amp to an ATI AT525 Power amp, running my Aurum Cantus V3F ribbon speakers. So wanted to bi-wire them. It should open them up a bit more. I'm also looking at getting a valve amp for when I'm listening to stereo, as I don't think my Integra 60.7 pre-amp is very open (or detailed as I would expect) in stereo. I know the speakers sound awesome with a valve amp, as my mate bought his over when I first got them. They sounded so much better than now, even without running them in.
  14. each core is 4mm. I'm actually reconsidering, and looking at 2.5mm cores, oxygen free. As it's easier to get, and easier to fit banana plugs. There's a sparky at my work who can get it, as it's left over stock from a job. 4 core as I'm going to bi-wire my speakers, and shielded as most of this stuff runs past my power cords and all of my other cabling.
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