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  1. Yeh, couldn't wait till morning. Changed back to LFE input on sub, much better integration. An aside, was using cheapish 14G Bunnings fine stranded speaker wire when first set up amp in workshop. Now changed to 12G installation cable, thicker copper conductors. May just be new, but seems more high end and loss some drive/bass. Definitely not moving as much air out of the front speaker port. Such is life. Thanks all.
  2. Yep, waiting to run Audyssey... not easy during lockdown with kids home schooling as well 🙃
  3. Thanks Betty, great advice. Tend to listen to music, 2 channel plus sub, at louder levels than movies/tv, so less chance damage (?) as centre not operating. Theoretical question: Less resistance of centre speaker ( 4ohm) so will draw more current from amp, which is where risk of damage is. Does more current mean centre speaker will sound louder, compared to my 8ohm speakers?
  4. Thanks for that, good on Yamaha. Changed position of sub and plugged into L. input. Phase dial only seemed to make any difference down low, probably less than 80, no difference higher. Turned volume down a bit and with new position seemed better. Will try back into LFE tomorrow.
  5. Even easier, thanks.
  6. Thanks Betty. As the hi fi bug has taken hold again, though I keep saying one more step and I'll sit for a while, I do find myself scouring the classifieds for a standalone amp now that centre speaker updated. Problem, is I end up buying new when I get frustrated of waiting, budget drops again! On that point, if I use front pre out to amp, volume should still be controlled though Marantz and will automatically switch on: too many remotes already! So back to situation now, won't stress AVR by having 4ohm centre? Should I waited until B&W stocked up again, regarding AVR integra
  7. Thanks Simon. Suspected same re " bi wiring", just read something on a US website, thought I'd get some local knowledge. Happy not to as I'd just run single speaker cables yesterday ( through some framework). Had been using amp previously, just changed position and cabling, and in a small wooden workshop/ escape room, sounded great. Connected Sub, and I realise now should have bought a dedicated sub brand, and not good. Yes, only needed for music. Then read in manual for sub that crossover filter dial dial doesn't work if connected to LFE, and to use L R RCA puts on sub for 2 chann
  8. Hi guys, wanting some advice re A/B settings on My stereo amp. Running only 1 set speakers, B&W 685s. Currently running from A terminals only, and using jumpers on speakers, b/w upper and lower terminals. Speakers 8ohm. General question, I take it amp has only 1 L and R amplifier, so if A and B speakers used, then power from amp " split" between speakers, so would need to crank up amp to get speaker A to sound as loud as it did when settling was only on Speaker A, not A+b? Now, can I use "B" terminals to driver upper terminals on speakers, so Some kind of bi amp
  9. Hi, just want ing to tap into the knowledge of our subscribers. I've upgraded my HT setup, with new AVR. Now running Marantz SR8015, huge improvement over old second tier Yamaha. Speakers: B&W 805s, SR M-1, SRB AM-1. Was using low end B&W centre, which was inadequate. Looking for some time for HTM3/4 S, but only came across a couple in Europe and not confident with purchasing. Then thought I'd up to HTM D series, but with recent HT investments, buying new was not going to pass muster with Finance Minister. So looking for 2nd hand but in past couple months, these hard to find and a
  10. Thanks Pops. Well put, it is like having new speakers, wow. Still most embarased I didn't realise both tweeters had failed, ouch to audiophile ego. The positive is that the journey making incremental changes, ( new receiver, speaker cables, isoacoustic stands and Bluesound node with USB of my lossless music) has reignited the hi fi bug in me and most worthwhile as my home music has never sounded better! 😁 So now temptation to roll on with next purchase: ? a dedicated amp for the 805s's leaving the Marantz 8015 feeding the rest of the HT speakers. Will try to hold the bug at
  11. Okay, so a happy ending! Ordered tweeters through Good HiFi, from Netherlands. Tweeters sent same day, noted on Post NL tracking, but delay through journey. Arrived today, in B&W packaging so would seem genuine. Out with old tweeters and in with the new and wow, speakers are back to life. Can't wait till the morning to pump up the volume! Many thanks to those that offered advice and Myrko and Maroesjka at Good HiFi.
  12. Sorry Muon. Yes. Tested, firstly , with tweeter still connected to XO: 8-14 ohms Then, disconnected tweeters and pulled them out of housing. Reading on disconnected tweeter only: OL Hope that clarifies
  13. So, armed with a couple of YouTube tutorials, removed tweeters. Tested resistance at tweeter terminals, with tweeters still connected to crossover: reading 8-14 ohms. Disconnected tweeters and checked resistance at tweeter terminals again: OL. Wanting to play further with multimeter, tried lower input terminals of speakers themselves: 8-14 ohms. Then tried upper terminals on speakers: OL. So, I assume both tweeters are blown. Have ordered x2 quoted "original" tweeters, which were posted from Netherlands same day. Estimated 10 working days to get here, can't wait. I'll let you kn
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