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  1. Thanks Derek It is interesting to hear this and it now worries me what I have been missing all these years ! I will let you know which I go for. It depends entirely on which seems to work best in my system but I had not realised quite how big a difference the Graham Slee phonostages would make to my enjoyment of my music. And Thank you Keith (cheekyboy) for your encouragement. Simon
  2. Hi Keith I just had my two weeks listening to the Graham Slee Reflex M. I didn't want to send it back but thought I should not go beyond my generous loan period. I was forced to plug in a more budget temporary option (Pro-Ject Phonobox DS) after I sent it back and I am not sure that I can listen to the Pro-Ject anymore. Whilst it is a really good phonostage for the money and it has great versatility, the difference in sound is extraordinary. I am missing the Graham Slee immediately. I am hoping to try the Era Gold V next week, but I absolutely have to have one of these two - with t
  3. Thank you for the advice PKay. I would love to hear the Whest phonostages at some point but the PS30r is outside my budget right now. I am continuing to listen to the Graham Slee Reflex M which is which is a great experience - really a wonderful piece.
  4. I just received a loan of the Graham Slee Reflex M with both the standard power supply and also the PSU1 upgraded power supply. John was incredibly helpful. I called him late in the afternoon and he sent it the same day. I have only just connected it, but I am completely knocked out by the sound. It is very special.
  5. Thank you Luc ! I am just contacting John Cadman at the programme, I will let you all know !
  6. Thank you so much for your advice Keith. The loaner programme sounds like such a good idea. I will definitely try one of these. best regards Simon
  7. Thank you for this Andy. I totally understand that the 801's would normally expect many more watts and I will try to get there one day.; but at present the Sugden copes very well. I appreciate your input on the Whest / Slee and on the Milltek and will try to understand these figures a little., and look into your Muse. regards Simon
  8. Sorry, for a typo. The speakers are just Bowers and Wilkins 801 (not D801). Thanks Simon
  9. Hi, I am in the UK and would welcome some advice, and thoughts from people more experienced than me. I have a Sugden SE21a Series 2 amplifier (the modern version) and Bowers and Wilkins D801(early version) speakers which I think sound beautiful together. The Sugden is low watts but I think it works really well. It is certainly the best combination I have had. I may well be wrong but I recall David Price may have also tried this combination once many years ago in a Hifi World article (??). I plan to use my Michell Gyrodec which at present has a Kiseki Millt
  10. Hi Eric I am also a newcomer to this forum. Your system sounds fabulous if that is your first set-up. I am sure people will have lots of helpful suggestions, but I would not be in a hurry to change anything soon unless you are not happy with something. I also have a Rega Planar 1 in one of my systems and I think it is incredible for the money. The only thing I am contemplating is an upgrade to the Rega Carbon cartridge that came with the deck. I should post a question on that subject elsewhere on the forum. Cheers to you too. Simon
  11. Hi I am new to the forum. I use valves and transitor amps I am principally using Michell Gyrodec with Pioneer SA8500 from the 1970’s and Wharfedale Dovedale speakers - I love the old combination of Pioneer and Wharfedale. Also Thorens TD124 with World Designs KEL84 and Revolver RW45 speakers - the latter very much influenced by old 'HiFi World' reviews. Looking forward to learning from members on this forum. Simon
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