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  1. Selling my Anthem MCA30 power amp in immaculate condition - 6 years old. Third owner 180RMS @ 8Ohms great reviews, great sounding amp for all kind of speakers https://trutone.ca/products/view/anthem-mca-20-2-channel-power-amplifier-1036 Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include pho
  2. I think I’m clipping the amp. I retested on a few songs , and on all of my three speakers increasing JBL S310, I hear distortion. My 10”‘ascension use 10 b&C bass driver rated at 150rms (300 peak) and overal speaker rating including all 3 drivers is 200rms when I go +4.5Db on the pre amp; it is extremely loud - I’m talking party loud - uncormfortble for regular listening. Isn’t it something like double wettage per 3DB. I’m assuming 0db on the Yamaha S-700 (used as a pre amp) and would be max volume, so plus 3DB would = 200 watt ? and my anthem MCA 30 is 180RMS it could may
  3. WFM - i also own 10" Summoners and running them with an Anthem MCA 30 Power amp.
  4. • Large Bookshelf Monitors, for high end Hi-Fi and musicality. • Variation of the M823SQ Monitor Speakers with upgraded SB acoustics Satori drivers (highest model of the SB acoustics range) Ribbon Tweeters for sharp, high detail and precise sound. • Veneer is premium Blackwood Veneer (extra cost) Spent over 2K new • 140Watt RMS and has great power handling with small or powerful amplifiers . •Less than 2.5Months Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved
  5. Hi Guys i have an update i got rid of the Cambridge 851A and using a Yamaha R-S700 to test this issue as both the main amp and pre amp so what is funny is that distortion sound I am referring to is still evident on the Anthem connected to the Yamaha. however if I play the Yamaha on the same exact level/DB , say +2DB on the amp - you do not hear this popping noise. ..Now I’m beginning the think it’s the anthem the whole time and it’s to do with its 1% percent THD rating, where this yamaha is rated at 0.019 im comparing a 100Watt amp to a 180watt amp ,
  6. The song is superfly sister - Michael Jackson i play many songs with bass and they are fine. This song getting to about to 86/100 volume on the Cambridge and you hear a slight pop to be honest it’s very loud and not practical to have it this loud, I just I want to know is it really my speaker that’s making the sound or some kind of distortion from the amp, source, quality, cabling. I know it’s hard to answer - I guess I just like having the confidence my speakers can handle the power...but I guess they can’t. i guess if I like to play really loud after work at tim
  7. Thanks for replying stereo coffee it is the bass driver being pushed and moving , and People could call me silly but I’m driving my speakers very hard. But it’s the volume I like. however I have a 200watt speaker that is actually has a higher sensitivity rating, with a 10” bass driver rather than a 7.5” bass driver and not only is it much louder on the amp at the same volume - but you don’t hear any distortion on the 10” driver. The 7.5” is moving a lot more and you hear a slight pop - from reading this is the cone smacking the driver which is obviously doing. But it’s so subtle
  8. hi guys Part of my passion in loudspeakers, apart from enjoy listening to speakers - and appreciating Good sound, is knowing a speaker has power and authority. I don’t necessarily like to play very loud for more than 10min, but I do sometimes after a hard day at work - and I want to have the confidence that a speaker can handle the power. In saying that I have bought a 220RMS Anthem power amp - MCA30 connected to a seperate pre amp - A Cambridge 851A. I know this is an integrated not a dedicated pre amp - however i am using as a pre amp. Connected to the pre amp 851A is a Ca
  9. Hi guys just introducing myself and wanted to see if anyone else has heard ascension speakers. i currently own Ascension Summoner speakers in 10”,8” and bookshelfs. Would love another pair if anyone is selling or would like to discuss with other people what they think of them. regards dan
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