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  1. What's the rule of thumb when considering the height of speaker stands?
  2. Is this a common facility in speaker stands, or is it something that I would need to look for explicitly do you think?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. The Tauris Opals look great, but no cable management by the looks of it. Im thinking I could find a way to blend my cables in anyway, so may not be an issue.
  4. So I've just bought home a beautiful pair of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand SE, and I couldn't be happier. Only thing is, I need some stands that will work with them... I don't want anything too bulky, I prefer something like: https://www.spacehifi.com.au/av-furniture/speaker-stands/kanto-sp32-speaker-stands?option=2022&gclid=Cj0KCQjwna2FBhDPARIsACAEc_WKNvn7TIg298uW1rGED6raGZMTMrGrvKp97IEpamTW_hv41xZKwREaAuFtEALw_wcB I'm just not sure if the above stands are appropriate? Am I supposed to just sit the speakers on top of the stands without securing them, or do I need t
  5. Hey! I've got a pair of Haydn Grande SE speakers with a Rotel A14 amp, and im considering my options when it comes to adding a sub/subs. I want something that will integrate well with my set up, but I also want to really feel the bass when I'm listening to those roots reggae/dub and funk tracks. Im tossing up between forking out and getting something along the lines of a rel t7i, or saving some $$ and going with an SVS SB-1000. Price is definitely a factor for me, so going with a cheaper option like the SVS SB-1000 would be great, but will they comprom
  6. Hah, thanks for the interpretation of that user manual, it was a bit over my head I'm feeling that Saturdays are about to take on a new meaning - and I like it!
  7. Hey, thanks for your response! I was going to go ahead and buy the Rotel A14 - it's going for a pretty good price first hand at the moment. Do you think that would be sufficient to drive 2x 4 ohms speakers effectively?
  8. Thanks for this ! I had the same hunch re the bigger cabinet/woofers, and the stats you highlighted definitely support that. Looking forward to feasting on my first banquet tomorrow - thanks for the heads up
  9. Hi! I'm interested if you are happy to send to VIC (at my expense of course). Let me know if this works for you!
  10. Null as doubled up on post
  11. So I'm currently investing my my first real hifi setup, and have been offered a good (i think?) deal on some Vienna Accoustic Haydn Grand SEs ($1400 ex demos). I listen to alot of soul/reggae/funk and I am torn between these and a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 100s. I haven't had the chance to listen to the MA Silver 100s but am wondering if they may be more suited to those genres that I enjoy listening to? Does anybody have experience with both/either of these speakers? Any contribution would be much appreciated! Thanks everyone
  12. Hi! I'm just setting up my first sound system (I've been using a little portable bluetooth speaker for years, whilst relying on a housemate and his set up and vinyl collection for my happy listening. I got a good (i think?) deal on some Vienna Acoustics Haydn Geande SEs, and am looking forward to revisiting all my favorites. One question - I do love funk, as well as some dub and reggae here and there, and am worried I might find my Viennas a bit lacking in the bass department, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks everyone!
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