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  1. The models are too important not just the brand. You might be able to get a better model in one brand for the same price of the base model in another brand for instance.
  2. Good point about being a bit more specific. Would be looking to spend $700-$1000, while I would love it to be beautiful my budget means just something that's not actively ugly . I personally really like white speakers, but my wife prefers darker colours so likely going dark as I am not that fussed. Musical tastes are 60's to today rock and pop music (includes some hip hop). A good surround sound experience for movies (feeling the sound around you) would be my main goal. The room is an open floor plan that is approximately 12.5 by 5 meters but the primary TV area will be approx
  3. At a bit of a crossroads..recently got a house and working out what to do with the audio. Torn between getting a Samsung HW-Q950T for something easy and straightforward or trying to put together a home theatre system (with a bit of music when we desire) from used stuff on Gumtree and Facebook (or here). Budget is a bit modest for hi fi so not sure which way to go.
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