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  1. Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come To My House
  2. It effectively means the first unfold is not done by Roon and handed-off to the DAC to perform instead - unfortunately, as I found out, it doesn't mean what I first thought it did which was to block mqa altogether and force the Tidal to hand you a previously hidden and unmolested PCM in the process. This was the final nail in the coffin for Tidal for me. Thankfully, Qobuz launched in Oz less than a month later.
  3. Today's arrivals. They got here safely, @Kafunis, thanks!
  4. 100% concur that if you go to Tidal with Masters tier enabled and find an artist that has only mqa catalogue e.g. Led Zeppelin, then push your tier down to Hi-Fi (CD quality), you will see no mention of mqa in the list from that artist. If you then play something, you will be getting 16/44.1 mqa despite there being no mqa label on the artist's catalogue in Tidal in the HiFi tier. I did an interesting experiment with a mate a few months back where we got 4 different streamer/DACs together and compared them on both local files (hi-res and cd), Qobuz (this was prior to Oz launch, usin
  5. We call that "incatacitation" in our house. 😁 On the plus side, it does mean that should you become incatacitated, then the rule here is that somebody else has to fetch you tea, sangers, beer etc.
  6. Blind Faith - Blind Faith An almost accidental supergroup formed after Cream split. Stevie Winwood jamming in Eric Clapton's basement studio led to the formation of what could have been the biggest blues band in history. Also joined by Ric Grech (of Family and Traffic fame) and Ginger Baker (legendary basher-of-the-skins from Cream). They split after one album and a 3 month tour where their limited material meant a fairly abrupt stint on stage each night. It coulda, shoulda, woulda been monstrous if they had carried on. We should be grateful for this one album and the f
  7. Thank you. I want someone to be delighted with the purchase, so it's worth the effort to me to kindle some interest. They are a quality speaker at a steal, for sure. I know I'm not asking top $ - I'd rather make someone happy than tease an extra buck out of it - I seem to remember them being over $6k new and were well worth that in my opinion. Over the weekend, I put on the RSD Dee Gees - Hail Satin LP. These babies rocked it. Mrs Tel and I were grooving away like teenagers to the sound of the Foos covering You Should Be Dancing.
  8. Previously withdrawn due to logistical difficulties created by Covid lockdown in Victoria. Re-listed, with a price drop, following the announcement of Victoria lockdown #5 lifting. There is additional info in the listing from the original ad that includes some clarification based on PMs I received last time. B&W CM10 S2 in Rosenut finish - I have owned these beautiful beasts from new. These very rarely come-up on the second-hand market, and for very good reason. Lockdown #5 created the perfect storm of my not being able to collect their replacements and the sudden realisation t
  9. Some great singers already mentioned that would definitely feature in my list: Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Freddie Mercury, Johnny Cash. Adele has a beautiful voice, for sure. I think I saw Aretha mentioned, I have a copy of her Paris concert from 1968 on vinyl and it makes me shiver. I'm amazed that The Chairman has only been mentioned once too. I'll throw in some others that I haven't seen mentioned yet: Matt Monro, Shirley Bassey, Steve Winwood (I saw Blind Faith mentioned, but Steve's solo stuff and his time with Spencer Davis Group make him worthy of being called-out explicitly).
  10. Better intro than most - thanks for putting in a little effort. Welcome.
  11. Singer songwriter... If we look at the label properly, we'd have to exclude bad singers who happen to write. For that reason alone, Dylan is out. (that's one way to start a flame war, I guess...) My vote goes to Other. Specifically, I would choose Marvin Gaye. Fantastic material, great voice and huge influence over what followed.
  12. Today is a good day. Some RSD goodness: And some lovely Japan NM pre-loved classics, some new to me and some replacements for lower-graded titles in my collection that I love enough to want better pressings: If anyone needs me, I'll be with my record cleaning machine for the next hour...
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