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  1. https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/esoteric-p1x-grandioso-sacd-transport.html
  2. I’ve always loved them (grew up with Dad’s copies of the albums), but aside from knowing the names of Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico and Andy Warhol and they were from New York and wrote cooler music than just about anything else my parents had - I couldn’t have told you much else about them.
  3. https://dr.loudness-war.info I imagine you could submit these new ones. Haven’t DL yet myself - will do tonight.
  4. Those are worth some $$$ now - especially a particular (don’t remember which) WYWH. I have the MoFi CD of the wall, which is excellent.
  5. Hopefully someone reports. I ripped a lot from vinyl a while ago which sure killed the CDs (2000s reissues). The 2016 vinyl was excellent, so here’s hoping as much effort was put in.
  6. This - exactly my experience. Particularly with bass traps, half arseing is pointless, and it’s near impossible without BIG $$$ to do it properly.
  7. Haha - you’re attention was clearly directed incorrectly!
  8. My grandfather (he’d be 110 if alive still - I’m channeling him) just said you young folk just listen to garbage 😛
  9. Bought these very recently, and was going to add a tube pre, but an exciting tube integrated opportunity has arisen. In addition to what I got as per the below add (just the amps and power supplies), I am including 2 x y-cables ($270 to buy new) that I haven’t even opened, and a set of canare jumpers (also brand new). This enables you to get the parallel mode. One of the blue LEDs doesn’t work, but it’s just the LED itself.
  10. Ugh - annoying. Try and get on a preorder list. I got my PS5 on release day, and I’ve bought two more PS5s and an XBOX-X for family by doing the same.
  11. what about paid preorders?
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