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  1. Sorry not a Marantz fun. I can get Marantz AV 8805 at decent price but for now I pass.
  2. Read that ,see that. Very confusing . Have a few options : used CLASSE SIGMA SSP MKII- 4600 Aud (only 2 balanced inputs) , brand new older model Lexicon MC-10 -3670 Aud, used Anthem AV 60 -reasonable price? Please some advice and direction for 7.1 4 system? Could not afford Lyndorf MP or newer Arcam av40. Or should wait longer for better alternative?
  3. Hi. Delivery to Parafield Gardens SA 5107? How much all together? Cheers. Jan
  4. Hi. New to the forum. Undecided Arcam AVR 850 (older model) or Marantz SR8015 ? Love to watch movies in Dolby Athmos and also 2 channel stereo.
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