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  1. It was just referring to this post that provides some further info but happy to provide whatever else I can/know
  2. .Dr SK.. see above almikel’s last post. Thanks heaps
  3. Hi everyone... Thankyou for your input. Your passion and thoughts are all appreciated! Dr SK... I thought I had replied but mustn’t have sent it! The plan is to get rid of that wall and door and join the 2 rooms to make the HT room. the false wall could come as far as 1m from the concrete block wall if needed although a (much) shorter distance would be better (50-70cm?). I would very much appreciate your guidance on how far from the back concrete block wall you would recommend the false wall to be. With respect to the door. I plan on getting a 40 or 45m
  4. Thanks again Plan is certainly to pull the cornice and ceiling out and have the ceiling isolated from the underfloor. My plan had been to drop the ceiling below the level of the cornices. when you say a beam do you mean a cross beam running at the top of the CFC what do you mean by ratings would at least do the block wall some justice. Any specific reason for 4layers of CFC or the point is just adding as much mass as possible? Presumably choosing CFC over drywall as it is about double the mass for a given thickness? the plan would be screen at the block wall end
  5. Hi third my understanding is you may as well not bother using green glue between concrete and drywall/other. See post 17 from Ted white in this thread https://www.avsforum.com/threads/green-glue-wrong-application.1195499/.
  6. Hi SK thanks for your reply. Concrete block is core filled so shouldn’t create a triple leaf effect. One thing I haven’t mentioned, however, is getting underneath the house there is a gap of 10cm or so between the concrete block to the underfloor to allow the joists to run under which is only screened by the drywall cornices I am guessing (See below images) The floor of the planned HT room is also concrete slab although the ceiling of this room is the wooden underfloor of the top level. Sound isolation across all frequencies is the goal as well as sound quality obviously!
  7. Hi dubby that was pretty much my plan except double doors and the fiber cement. Unfortunately with the concrete block wall which is my primary space issue (well it’s all small but that’s the smallest), my understanding is that only adding 2 layers of drywall with green glue in between will do very little as the green glue can’t do it’s work when the board is sandwiched against a concrete wall because you need to be able to dissipate the energy to something. It would add a bit of mass but not damping? This was my understanding from something on AVS (I think Ted white?) said. wi
  8. Thanks hopefullguy... I’m still in the planning stage so haven’t completely decided yet and the SX series along with other options are still in the running. I do, in any case, have a velodyne dd15 that I will add to the mix in any case so if I did have the same problem I have a ready made solution. To be honest the dd15 is going in the theatre regardless as it seems like a waste not to use it and I am not keen on selling it
  9. Correct... except the front part which will be a fully decoupled wall
  10. Hi guys I am looking at the krix mx 10 or if I can stretch the budget MAYBE MX 20. Plan is it will be the front in a 5.1.4 system. I plan on using the method outlined by krix in their mx installation guide https://www.krix.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/MX-20_MX-30_MX-40_Installation-Manual-Rev.02_Web.pd. The method that is isolated/decoupled from the rear wall. Unfortunately, the room is so narrow at the front (see below for room layout) that I simply cannot do a decoupled wall all the way around as I will lose too much area AND that front section is concrete block wall. My plan
  11. Thanks Michael! That’s great. So, do you think from your speakers perspective that the mix of krix speakers in my first post would be ideal? Due to my low ceilings another forum member recommended the angled atmospherix so I could place 2 atmos speakers just in front and 2 just behind our seating position as I was thinking the stratospherix initially but this would discount them and in any case as atmos speakers the drop in quality should make minimal difference???
  12. That’s what I’m doing :)... just with the in wall speakers rather than floorstanders/monitors. I figured if I do traditional speakers I’m going to need to have them off the wall by a reasonable amount (probably) and lose another 50-60cm in an already small room. Is the opinion that in wall speakers are vastly inferior for the money?
  13. Hi guys i am building a small home theatre (approx 4.75m with back width being 3.13m but front where the projector screen would be only 2.5m) room and am looking at in wall speakers to maximize space. Looking at 5.1.4 krix epix LCR, symmetrix rears and atmospherix for atmos b&w cwm 7.3 LCR, 7.5 rears and 663/664 ceiling? paradigm e3 LCR, paradigm e80, pro 80-a m&k 150 IW LCR, iw950 back + ceiling i will be using my velodyne dd15 as a sub and then also need to decide on receiver. Currently have a (dead) Yamaha 2067. Thinking
  14. Hi guys thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated! snoopy... not confident but willing to give it a go. Room will be 80% movies/20% music. Enjoy my music but certainly not golden ears ;). Any thoughts on the speaker options. I was leaning towards the anthem too. I used to be a member of stereonet way back when and there seemed to be a few reliability issues with NAD so I have this bit of a mental block with them... I need to have a listen. Niterida- thanks. I had looked at the DIY screens... what spandex did you use for yours as unfortunately we don’t have spandex world i
  15. Hey guys So....I am looking at setting up a HT/music room. It is small and weirdly shaped...not an ideal combination (see attached drawings). No room to extend but would plan to move the door to the far LHS at the back. Room height ~2.35m after carpetting. The front half is also besser block..also not ideal but in good news, no windows and so fully light controlled. Plan is a projector with screen at front (hopefully 100'' although it is going to be SUPER tight particularly if the feeling is the best way forward is to put in studs in the besser block section which I suspect is going
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