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  1. Simon knows his stuff and is very generous and hospitable to boot;) haha....why are these still for sale...
  2. Sure is... Slightly off topic, the reviewer claims these speakers are as satisfying as his Proac 1SC rig in his main room. I don't suppose anyone has any insight into this comparison? Would be great value if true
  3. I would hope to get it all under $4000, however I'm strongly wedded to buying used. I can't be sure of what my next listening space will be, I need the flexibility to chop and change components without going to the poorhouse.
  4. Thanks for that suggestion. Personally, I find the kef ls50 a little bright.
  5. I have seen that...but I had to cull it somehow to the three most notable brands...
  6. Sorry to hijack....where can I find these clones...?
  7. Fascinating stuff. If I wanted to err on the side of "not-fatiguing" and "not-bright", what kind of chain would I be looking at, leading up to the Lenehan speakers? (amp, cable, interconnect, source [e.g notebook/or audiophile streamer])
  8. I am interested in the Proac 1SC or the Harbeth P3ESR bookshelves for vocal and instrument reproduction. In the forums, many recommend Aussie brand speakers as a decent bang for buck. Looking into it, I have shortlisted the: 1) Lenehan ML1, 2) VAF i91, 3) Legend Kurre and 4) Osborne EOS bookshelves. I would be including a small REL sub in this setup as well. The room is smallish. Amplifier to be matched to the speakers, however not more than $1000, used. Does anyone know whether, tonally these Aussies are in the ball park of a Proa
  9. That is interesting, how would you compare the sound of these DIY speakers with known commercial brands?
  10. ok, thank you. just read that when these were being showcased by the manufacturer, they were using 150w and 200w amps.
  11. These speakers have received good reviews: https://www.psbspeakers.com/product/imagine-mini/ and can be bought new for $700 with stands I want to use them in a near field or a small room setting (with sub). My amp is a rather powerful Cambridge Audio Azur 840a 120w. Will this pairing be a gross mismatch? I don't want to go out and spend $500-1000 on a new amp for these. Many thanks
  12. interesting the VAFs. Will keep an eye out for them
  13. We can go a little larger than that...even up to standard bookshelf size. The restriction relates more to room size vis. a vis. acoustics. You can assume there is room for a pair of stands in this spec
  14. I thought I wasn't a sub guy, until a dealer switched on a REL while demoing a pair of $2,000 bookshelves. I am a believer. I would rather have $700 bookshelves and a musical sub, over any $2,000 bookshelf speaker (and probably more expensive than that)
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