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  1. Superb build thread! Did the "hump" appear in the other speaker response?
  2. Those ones are bit like me- ugly but interesting, mw
  3. 16-30kHz? Wow, your hearing is better than mine!! I tested mine with an iPad app- the days of me hearing bats are long gone Enjoy!
  4. Properly set-up, these can sound absolutely sensational- I have the 1000s and they are amazing. I used to have the 440s, and they are also just magnificent as a small-footprint , beautiful solution. People would gaze in wonder at the soundstage, if that makes any sense! People may wish to know whether these are the CI version, Silerspinner81? GLWTS!
  5. They make gorgeous speakers that sound even better. These are magnificent! GLWTS
  6. Great quality, fast delivery. Top quality terminations as you wish them Quality Australian manufacturer.
  7. Lots of good suggestions above, especially about the front end, but another option is to look at power supply. Power supply to the computer, DAC and pre- are really important to "brightness" in some situations. I would suggest trying power filtering / conditioning / regeneration / new power cables and see if that helps. These should all be borrowed and tried at home. Toric transformers have been amazing in some systems. A simple power filter changed my Devialet 1000 system from good to amazing. All that said, D-series B&Ws have a reputation for brightness- maybe tr
  8. All I can see in that Goldmund room is the light fitting... And the speakers that look like androids :)
  9. I wanted to hear the KTE. Can't say I was super-serious, though- just looking around Would be interested too hear local opinions, though.
  10. Comes to nearly identical to the local price after adding GST~7300.00 Thanks, buddyev
  11. https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/speakers/XR100 Rob: spotto in one
  12. Sorry - I was gently joking that there was a category error- one cannot stop improving one's hifi so the question "When does one stop improving one's hifi" has no meaning. Gentle humour. I, like many others posting above, have never stopped, merely paused when significant life events supervened (births, deaths, marriages etc). Of course there is more to life than audio gear. That doesn't mean I don't derive a great deal of pleasure from listening, tweaking, planning, saving, buying and going again
  13. I have been wanting to hear the Holo Audio May Kitsune Edition DAC, as I have enjoyed other R2Rs and thought it might be interesting. Sad to say, I visited the Holo Audio site again today: GONE! Moved offshore, no longer selling to Australia....
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