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  1. Thanks Mike, I have put in an order for the Dayton while they were still on special. It should be more than enough for my purpose.
  2. Two amps that I have found but can't really decide in either one are: Redback 200W Subwoofer Amplifier https://www.redbackaudio.com.au/product-details/a4861-redback-200w-subwoofer-amplifier/ and Dayton Audio SA230 Subwoofer Amplifier https://www.daytonaudio.com/product/1032/sa230-230w-subwoofer-amplifier Both are relatively similar in price, watts, features. Redback is a much smaller unit than the Dayton and they have different auto on timeouts of Redback 3 mins and Dayton 15 mins. I can't really find any information online about the
  3. I mainly wanted the auto on to make our setup easier and also so that it’s on standby while it’s not in use to not use extra power. The wife and kids factor means it has to be the easiest solution and we’re currently moving from an active sub with auto on so I’m trying to keep it similar.
  4. I have looked at a few Crown and Behringer amps but didn’t see any that had auto on / signal sense as I initially likes the $/watt ratios of them. Depending on the amp I would either do stereo to each coil or if it’s a mono amp then do it in parallel.
  5. I have but they're not made any more I think. There are a few options out there just need to pick the right one for the right price. It's also a dual voice coil sub, so 2x 8ohm inputs which means there are a few more options to consider. 2x 8ohm outputs on the amp 1x 4ohm output in parallel 1x 16ohm output in series
  6. For the same reasons stated by Eamon, I have just purchased Krix in-wall Ecliptix and in-ceiling Hemispherix A20. The centre channel is still part of our entertainment unit, so it can be in or on it. We matched the Krix Sonix for that one. These are the more entry level Krix speakers, so you may want to look at their Symmetrix or Epix depending on your budget. We're still haven't installed these yet as they're for an upcoming renovation so I can't give too much advice on them.
  7. With a wattage of 150/300 (long/short term) and 8 ohm for the sub, what is going to be the ideal wattage to look at for the amp? Previously I could have bridged the channels to get 200w but not anymore.
  8. Thanks but that one doesn’t look to be available anymore. It pretty much fits what I’m after though. There are some I found around that price in Aus from Redback or Dayton Audio but wasn’t sure if there were preferred options that people recommend or have used previously.
  9. Hi Mike, I had thought about a plate amp but wasn’t sure of how to properly make an enclosure for it to go in an entertainment unit. The L channel should work but I was told it’s also developing an issue with the relay (I think that’s it) and would prefer just to get something new (or used) that didn’t have both of these issues. It’s only one sub, 150/300W it says at 8 ohm, so not the most powerful. Thanks
  10. I have a Jamo In Wall Subwoofer IW 1060 SW which requires an external amp to power it. Are there any recommended subwoofer amplifiers that aren't super expensive? I used to have a Jamo MPA201 but it developed a crackling in the right speaker output and couldn't be fixed. I have looked into some other pro amps but they all don't have signal sense / auto on which is one main requirement. Thanks
  11. I have a Jamo IW 1060 SW in-wall subwoofer being powered by a Jamo MPA-201 amplifier but the amp is giving me some issues and needs to be repaired. If the repair is too expensive, what other passive subwoofer amps are suitable to look into that won't break the bank?
  12. Does anyone have some more recent experience with the Krix Ecliptix as front L/R?
  13. Looking to get some new speakers for a new renovation, particularly in wall and in ceiling to remove the wires. Hoping to get some information from people here on what is good.
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