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  1. Actively in xtremeplace and now into stereonet. Gain a lot of knowledge from these forums
  2. Mine works with moshou both deluxe and upgrade cables. I have 3m, 5m and 15m. Working in my previous Z9S and now Z1000 PRO. But my TV and projector are only 2K display and not 4K.
  3. I watch it yesterday night. Quite entertaining. The plot is same as any zombie movies. This zombie movie have close family values and they are not as dumb as previous movies. They will take revenge if some important zombies were eliminated.
  4. The replaced power cable was from LHS. Thick Belden cable terminated with hospital grade UK plug and IEC. It seems like microchips and boards in the media player have no effect on sound and picture quality. Might revert to stock cable and not wasting a better power cable.
  5. I have a Zidoo media player and I have spare better power cable. I replaced the stock power cable with this cable but I don't hear or see any differences. Did anybody try this and feel any differences? BTW power cables works wonders for AVR and Blu-ray player.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I just found Ban Heng Long at 11 Syed Alwi Road can do it.
  7. Hi Cash. I need to make new speaker grill frame. Do you have any place I could make these?
  8. The zoom setting is at zidoo player. Remote control - menu, aspect ratio, zoom and 2.35:1, cropping
  9. I managed to set full screen with zoom, 2.35:1 cropping in my zidoo z9s.
  10. Now the story looks good and logical. With so much CGI it is very enjoying to watch and it is like watching a new movie
  11. Go to KEC and ask them if they have SVS amp. plate for your model. SVS uses BASH & SLEDGE amp. plates. SLEDGE is more expensive. Try to remove the amp. plate and bring it to KEC. They can recommend which amp. plate to buy. My old 20-39 PC plus went dead and I went to KEC to get a new BASH amp. plate ($400). You can pay a bit more to get his men to come over and install for you - extra $50. A word of caution, some of their amp. plate do not work. So it would be better to get their men down for installation.
  12. I have both thin and disc sleeves but whenever I wanted to watch a movie I would pick the disc in hard cover. This is my personal preference, I feel that disc sleeves are for storing cheap disc. I used to store vcd & dvd in disc sleeves
  13. Are you using ALR projector screen? How much does it cost?
  14. Recently I managed to buy some sound panels that is black in color. I stick it to the front wall and it does helps but not that significant. BTW some time back, I have upgraded my HDMI cable to fiber cable (Moshou) and the contrast and resolution improved. I can see the projected video image without any washout even when the kitchen light is on. Previously, when the kitchen lights is on, the image will be washed out.
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