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  1. Maybe its your lucky day. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224758262948?hash=item3454a2eca4:g:nm8AAOSwOgdhvY0L
  2. Nice one. They look amazing mate! Waiting for my replacement speakers to arrive!
  3. I have a Yamaha RX-v6A as well and my speakers were due to arrive this month but misplaced by useless Toll. Edward is making sure I will get them in the coming weeks and if I do receive them soon, will let you know how it sounds. I am using the RX-V6A at present with Dali Oberon 5's and its out of this world. In any case, it was amazing to deal with Edward. Really stand up guy so if you are leaning towards Ascension speakers, do place an order with him. At all the other folks here, if you were planning to buy Ascension speakers please do so now as its a leaner period of Edward based on what I was told.
  4. I have a Yamaha RX-v6A as well and my speakers were due to arrive this month but misplaced by useless Toll. Edward is making sure I will get them in the coming weeks and if I do receive them soon, will let you know how it sounds. I am using the RX-V6A at present with Dali Oberon 5's and its out of this world. In any case, it was amazing to deal with Edward. Really stand up guy so if you are leaning towards Ascension speakers, do place an order with him.
  5. Hi All. Just wanted to share my experience with Adelaide speakers and how Toll (the freight company from hell) mucked everything up. I am looking for broader suggestions and therefore kept this as a separate thread. Long story short - I ordered an amazing set of floorstanding Monitor speakers + a centre speaker from Edward. Basically the Summmoners but with upgraded Danish drivers. These were to power my 2nd HT setup downstairs. Edward had a lead time of 4 weeks as he is super busy. I paid the advance in October and true to form, Edward was ready to send out the speakers at the end of Oct. I paid the balance amt and the speakers were shipped using Toll. At this time, I researched Toll just on a whim. The reviews online scared the hell out of me. Suddenly I was gripped by a feeling of terror but I hoped that this wont happen to me. And it did. The speakers were shipped using their standard road service. The tracking shows that they arrived in Melbourne on Nov 4. Then there was radio silence. No further updates since then. I emailed Edward who didnt get a whole lot of updates from his side. I called Toll after 2 weeks and its actually a Philippines based call center. They listened to me and promised an investigation and provided a reference number. After a week, I get an email explaining that the Melbourne depot is swamped with parcels and that my parcels are at the bottom of the depot. This was well before the black Friday shopping and the X'mas shopping season so I can only imagine how inept and pathetic Toll are. The email said that they cannot provide any ETA on when my speakers will be found and delivered. The email actually hinted that they have lost my speakers. Verbatim from the email dated Nov 30- In relation to your consignment above, unfortunately we are currently experiencing extensive delays caused by the influx of freight we have being processed at the moment. More specifically, your item/s are being caught up in areas where the driver's bays and chutes are filled to a maximum, therefore processing time are taking much longer than usual. For this reason, we cannot confirm when this will be processed and located. However, we have set alerts to monitor scanning activity, where once sorted to the driver's bay successfully, then we will be able to conduct further checks with better chances of locating this and pushing it out for delivery. The total weight of the 3 speakers is 70 kgs or so and I feel drivers are deliberately skipping them and soon enough they have gotten buried under the parcels. Also if they are found, I shudder to imagine if they are still in one piece as I do not think that Toll is capable of handling them with care. Edward has been very cooperative. I understand it is not his fault. Toll was terrible but they took it to a whole new level now. There is simply no consideration given. The funny thing is I live close to Tullamarine. I also offered to pay Toll extra fees to expedite the delivery or for me to come collect it from their depot. I am happy to rent a ute and go get them myself. But of course they wont allow this. Recently there was one update from Toll that one of the floorstanders was rescanned at the depot. Not sure if this is good news or bad. One of them have been found....so what abt the other floorstander and the centre? Edward has told me that he will replace any speakers that dont show up in Jan. I am ready to pay the difference in shipping cost for a better and faster courier. Feel sorry for him too. He told me mine was the 2nd Melbourne parcel which had this fate recently and that he is considering not shipping to Melb any further and perhaps even change his business model to Adelaide pickup only. That will be truly unfortunate so please do support him if you are on the fence abt buying his speakers which are amazing for the money. Just work with him to pay for a reliable courier and stay away from the useless folks at Toll. I can't believe Toll can get away with this BS. If anyone has any suggestions for what I could do or can help me to get the speakers, I would be grateful. Also looking for freight options to ship my speakers from Adelaide to Melb in Jan if Edward needs to make a new set of them. Overall, such a sad thing to happen. Won't be listening to the new speakers during X'mas barring a x'mas miracle (Need one of those! ). I have now moved my Dali Oberon 5's downstairs in the interim and switched to the Tv speakers upstairs. It will be a while before I listen to the famed sound of the Ascension speakers!
  6. Just buy him a Blackstar FLY 3 mini. Its the best practice amp and is loud enough + supports headphones. He can continue to use it a travel practice amp and buy a bigger one once he plays more proficiently. https://www.belfieldmusic.com.au/products/blackstar-fly-3-mini-guitar-amplifier-battery-powered-amp?variant=33096543469703&currency=AUD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=CjwKCAiAwKyNBhBfEiwA_mrUMt9AogbwL5Jt05IhqG7fON3wdAhmxmuxzQvuL7pjh2HdlMBzlxaBpBoC5pUQAvD_BwE
  7. Great price for one of the best 4K Blu Ray players. I just picked one from JB during this Black friday! GLWTS!
  8. The highly sought after Jurassic Park 5 movie collection in 4k UHD can be got for $56.68 using the code "APBF25" and paying with after pay. I am also an ebay plus member. Its listed at $80 at JB. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/jurassic-park-world-5-movie-collection-2018-4k-ultra-hd Listing: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264108406885?epid=12023916643&hash=item3d7e167865:g:TgoAAOSwFFhghl5f:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3046!AU!-1&frcectupt=true P.S: I dont like BNPL sites and made the remaining payments manually but this is the best price for this atm.
  9. Nice one. I am glad that you are enjoying them. Was the sound localisable when you had mounted them high on the front wall. Also I found it interested that the SS-CSE are the only "upfiring" atmos speakers with just one driver and no tweeter. More of the others are 2-way with mid and tweeter. Would this make a difference based on your experience?
  10. Yeah I have beginning to see the same feedback from other reviews too. Good to see someone who has used the upfiring ones previously.
  11. Cheers mate and thanks for all the ongoing advice Btw I have ordered the 3 way Monitors (with higher end Danish drivers) from Edward but specially designed to be floorstanders like the Summoners. They are currently stuck at Toll couriers as I type this for the last 3 weeks. Its a real tragedy that he posted them asap but this crappy courier company has messed it up. Hope to receive it soon! Anyways yeah, I am now seriously rethinking the up-firing speakers. I will again pop out a LED downlight to understand how much height I can play with for the ceiling speakers.
  12. @KayninHaha all good mate. I am happy to get a second opinion anyways. These are the dimensions of the room. Total room size: 6m * 3.7m. The left hand part of the room is a small office and so the HT area will be 3m * 3.7 making it a small/medium sized room. Distance from sitting area to screen - 108 inch (8.5 ft approx). Width of wall available for screen - 106 inch (8.5 ft aprox) Height from ceiling to ground - 8 feet. You can also see some older pictures here (the room is more neater now) The challenges I have are: 1. This is a basement room and cabling is a little challenging. 2. Floor to ceiling height is just 8 feet. 3. Need to keep the wife angry...Cliched but she wants less clutter and things sticking out of the wall. If I had my way, I wish I could get 2 pairs of ceiling speakers installed as I have a pretty decent receiver to power it all. But the person who did a recent installation said that we might struggle to do it. The ceiling does have LED downlights and so there must be space to do it. I have been doing research about this and of course the elevated or ceiling speakers makes the most sense but I am limited by the above and wondering what to do. If the ceiling speakers were possible, then they would be better for me than elevated ones.
  13. Still looking for any opinions or advice here folks esp from those who have experience with the upfiring atmos speakers! Thanks in advance!
  14. @TheBlackDisc - Edward did not have a specific opinion about the atmos and rear speakers. He did design my front speaker pair to my specific requirements.
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