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  1. How do you find the build quality? I saw a review where they said you have to be really careful of the hinges.
  2. Yeah on a few of the reviews I watched they said there were issues with the build quality (some falling apart) and headband is an old design that wears easy. Seems its going to be a difficult decision.
  3. Thanks for the info, the pearl are $200 more than the red. If the difference is so small its probably not worth the pearl! In regards to genres I listen mainly to metal (Slipknot/Sevendust/Tool/Mudvayne/Incubus/Pantera) funk (Lettuce/Mark Lettieri/Shob) EDM (Infected Mushroom/Pendulum/3D Stas) its all pretty varied. I don't listen to much acoustic or vocal centric music. Im thinking the TH900 might be the better all round performer over the cascades. All I need to do now is actually hear them!
  4. I actually own a set of clears and find their tuning really good. They are so neutral that I find I can crank the volume without any spikes. As for the TH900 I guess I will have to go hear them for myself. Ive pretty much watched all the youtube vids and some say the TH900s mid range sound thin? Bit difficult to tell when ive never heard them. Im interested in the pearls as they have the same tuning as the blue (more focused bass and smoother highs?) At this point the D8000s are out of my price range but the TH900 and Cascade are still viable. Ive had the cascades but get the general impression the TH900s are better? Hard to tell when half the vids say their good and half say their treble harsh. Right now I think my only option is to see if A2A in adelaide has some TH900s to listen too.
  5. I thought they were considered bright HPs. Are the treble too much?
  6. I pretty much don't eq but I have read putting TH610 pads help with the peak. I might just have to bite the bullet and buy a pair to see how they really go. From what Ive read the Pearl th900s have a smoother treble than the reds which could be good.
  7. I may go the TH900 white but the reports of killer highs might put me off. I guess I may have to track down another Cascade. As for the D8000s there a bit out of my price range. Cheers
  8. I am in need of some bass cannons. I did own a pair of Cascades but unfortunatley sold them and now regretting it. Has anyone tried both the Cascades and the TH900? can anyone tell me which is better or suggest another HP for bass? Any help would be greatly apricated. Cheers.
  9. I hadn't heard anything for 2 weeks so I emailed them. They replied that their behind schedule and my cable is getting finished ready for dispatch soon. So give it a week or two I guess. If you still have heard nothing I suggest emailing them.
  10. Just got an email from Koala Cables and my order is soon on its way. All is well.
  11. Does anyone know of any Aus companies that make replacement/custom OG Clear Pro cables? Ive tried Koala Cables, they took my order and money but haven't got back to me at all. I don't know if they are still operating and may have to seek a refund through PayPal. Any assistance would be greatly appricated. Cheers Jonathan.
  12. Further information: For sale these absolute bass cannons. These things thump like a pair of subs you can feel and if you use ifi bass boost they could cave your head in. Best described as bassy with soild mids. They are quite comfortable as I have worn them for long sessions and had no issues. They are 38ohn so they can run off your phone. Comes with zippered case, Litz cable, tuning pads to adjust the amount of bass and original boxes. Only selling to get some planars. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved.
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