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  1. For Lithium Ion on a large scale, the Japanese have fitted the last 2 Soryu class submarines with lithium vice lead acid. These will be interesting……….
  2. Personally, I believe he has departed a little more than just Marantz………
  3. If it is unplugged - being "off" at the power point may not necessarily mean it is "off" - incorrect wiring hurts in more ways than one........
  4. Contact Final Link Audio - they may be able to point you in the right direction. info@finallink.com.au
  5. I owned an M series submariner - most unreliable watch I have ever owned - and the “submariner” term - they need to change it - it did not like being in submarines.
  6. Speakerhoarder - as a qualified electrician, an electrical engineer and someone who has been a witness before a coroner for an electrical accident (electrocution obviously as you don’t go to the coroner for an injury that does not result in death) I have some simple advice - do not tamper with electricity or the conductors / plugs that transfer it from supply to appliance if you are not qualified.
  7. Do you ever really know when you have "genuinely / really" reached that point? I got sick of the whole thing for quite a while, however, streaming music and new speakers / amps rekindled an interest that was amplified by sharing the music with daughter. Am back to enjoying the sounds and I won't deny I will probably upgrade the streaming system - it just allows me to avoid the overwhelming majority of the human race and live like a hermit - I am happy!!
  8. Canberra is different - but a good different, this is my second time living here.
  9. Hi Bunno, The little amps are growing on me day by day - my initial comment about lack of bass warmth really is not an issue. Whatever you put in, comes out the other end - albeit louder, hence the term amplifier! They are staggeringly quiet where they need to be and have no shortage of power when demanded - the big VAFs are working really well with them - the little amps exercise hefty control over the speakers. My only complaint - they are currently 20% off (making them an even bigger bargain) - I paid the full price…..
  10. If you get the C298, ensure it is at software version 1.08 or better - version 1.07 units have a habit of suffering from suspected death - speaking from experience.
  11. Currently streaming Apple Music via latest Apple TV via HDMI into NAD C658 - it is unlistenable due to “dropouts”. Switched to Tidal and no issues. Changed HDMI input on C658 and back to Apple Music and back to dropouts - are dropouts the loss less Apple is talking about……. Poop……..
  12. If I have an Apple TV for hi-res streaming feeding into my NAD C658 MDC HDMI module, will that allow 24/192 - the MDC module is able, just wondering about the Apple TV hi res HDMI output.
  13. Seriously thinking about getting a pet rock or even a pet brick like Father Jack Hackett on Father Ted….
  14. Updated pics of the March Audio units: The firs pic is of the Bunning's Door Stop units on the amplifiers - many will say to "improve the sound" - "clean up" noise etc. The "clean up" bit is right. The second pic shows the culprit who left me with a little something this morning on one of the amps........it required "cleaning up". The Bunning's Door Stops are now acting as "feline defecation deterrent modules"...........
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