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  1. I was posted to Adelaide in 1993 and did frequent Grenfell HiFi / Challenge HiFi and others near weekly - great times there that I fondly remember!
  2. And keeping the turps and the OJ in the fridge. This is one of those threads that grabs your interest as you watch the speakers return to what they once were - loving it.
  3. Ah, the Kickin’ Chicken - many a good night courtesy of this fine drop……..allegedly……
  4. After watching further episodes, I believe the word I was looking for was quirky in violent, anti social, family oriented way….
  5. Watching it now - a weird little series yet strangely captivating……
  6. Remains an Australian brand - excellent. With the impending DEQX Gen IV series release I am hoping to achieve source to speaker homegrown system - not just because it is Australian made, but because it can hold its own.
  7. I also note on the website that there are no longer electronics displayed - are they still selling things that go with speakers????
  8. I notice the VAF website has been updated again and Simon Wilde is no longer displayed as a team member. I hear Phil V is no longer part of VAF now either.
  9. BTO classic line from TCB!! The story of how the piano ends up in the song is funny.
  10. That is a stunning finish on the 1000Ms - reminds of the stuff Kenrick?? in Japan do.
  11. That 2030 - is that 8:30pm or the year 2030? If it is the year 2030 do you not think you are being just a little optimistic given the four season before breakfast of Melbourne?? (Says he who is moving back there in February 2022 (the year 2022, not 8:32pm....).
  12. I have been incredibly lucky - for nearly 35 years I have done a job I loved with the most amazing people. My retirement is on my terms and for family reasons, I am fortunate that I get a military pension for the rest of my days however long that may be. Time to buy / build a house, re-acquaint my self with family, finalise the stereo and find some things to keep my mind and body active and amused - your comment on YouTube reflects my own experience with it! We boldly went where no-one had been before - that’s how we knew we were lost!!
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