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  1. So, I did indeed just swap the front 6SN7 with the 6SN7 in front of the V1 pot and seated the 6SN7 in front of the V4 pot by a couple of mm and it made all the difference in the world. Abbey Road sounded great and some of the bass on Tortoise's Millions Now Living Will Never Die was very, very rich. Thanks so much for all your input, it's hugely appreciated. WAF has just gone up quite a few notches. Will save tube rolling for when I can earn a crust again. Tim, good advice on the output(s) of the Denon, but it was just running straight out of the 2-channel stereo. He
  2. Hi Will, that's an incredibly kind offer that I just might take you up on. I'm in lovely downtown Jannali, so the next time I can legally go across the bridge I'll let you know. Thanks David
  3. Thanks, Fruit. I read with interest your post a while ago and have nothing but respect for folks who understand what's going on under the hood as the Americans would say. Considering that I've never wielded a soldering iron in anger, I'm reticent to open up a brand-new bit of $1,300 kit, even with great instructions. Think of it as exhausting all other possibilities before going in for surgery. 🙂
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. Yep, is set to EL34 and I resisted the temptation to bias the back row to anything other than 12 o'clock.
  5. Hi Team (and Tim), first, just a bit of background. I'm not an audiophile as such, just a guy who wants his music (typically classic rock) to sound rich, warm and clear. I'm not at all snobby about equipment and how to use it, and I'm a firm believer in whatever works for you being just fine. So... After taking delivery of my R8 a couple of weeks ago I've been burning it in with the stock Willsenton tubes in front with stock EL34s at the back. It's been getting about 8 hours a day every day, but at very low volumes in deference to my other half. Today I decided to listen
  6. Hi Team, total newb question here… If I get an inexpensive headphone amp such as the Xduoo MT-602 and run it as a preamp into the R8, will the 6SL7s be bypassed? Thanks David
  7. @Fruit, to save me trawling through 56 pages of posts, would you be so kind as to tell us (again?) which 6SL7s you're using? Thanks David
  8. Yeah. I just gave up and bought a Modi Multibit from Schiit for a bit less than a hundred bucks over second-hand.
  9. @Powerglide, was it the NX-oticas that your client had ordered? They look like a serious bit of kit. Pity it didn’t work out.
  10. @Powerglide, did they eventually turn up?
  11. Hi @RCAJack, haven't acquired the soldering iron yet, but what other stuff do I need? Thanks Dave
  12. Hi Sydneysiders, I've just seen a shipping update that my R8 is in Kingsgrove. Would love to just go and pick it up now, but 'Wallaby Express' - the shippers from CN - don't register here. Does anyone have any idea who the local couriers would be? Would really love to get it set up for my other half's upcoming birthday... Thanks Dave
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