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  1. Would like to replace the Aeolus with a Verite Closed, but I can't bring myself to spend that sorta skrilla on a headphone. Got a Bifrost 2 velcroed to the bottom of my desk.
  2. @Mightygrey can I ask you to do something totally crazy and turn your Hagerman Tuba on and put your ear against the chasis and let me know if you hear any buz/hum? I sit really close to my source gear in my computer setup and my room is dead silent, so any sort of noise from my components drives me up the wall. You're the only one I know who has one! Otherwise, out of the headphone taps do you hear any sort of background noises? From my understanding SET amps are dead silent.
  3. I've tried a DC blocker with no luck. I asked a local hifi store here if I can try some power filters they sell with it. The way return policies are here in NZ I can't really try anything. If I purchase a $500 filter and it does nothing for my case then I'm stuck with an expensive paperweight, so sort of not really interested n throwing more money at the problem
  4. I have one, it hums / buzzes on my power here. It's the power supply they use in the BF2 and Asgard 3. Doesn't play well with my grid.
  5. Item: Looking for a Schiit Modi Multibit and a Eitr. I'll buy them seperately if you only have one, thank you! Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  6. Why is there so many spelling errors and badly written sentences on Burson's website? Aren't they based out of AUS? 😆
  7. Thanks for the information all, very helpful. I think I'll just try to return it and buy something with more robust transformers and better secured transformers.
  8. Maybe I need to find a filtering device where I can set it to output at a stable 230V...
  9. Ok, this sounds similar to my problem but I think they were hearing the hum through headphones. Schiit also has asked me to simply ship it back to them in the United States, ignoring that they distribute to my area and shipping it to them then back to myself would cost another $200 USD.
  10. I think you could be right too.. I have two of the same transformers inside an Asgard 3 and a Schiit Bifrost 2 and both hum, both seem to be bolted down properly. 5% might not be enough, but some of these big transformers can be sensitive: I used a DC blocker from a friend and that didn't help.
  11. I've been chasing a transformer hum/buz in my DAC, emitting from the transformer itself inside the unit. It lead me to being a bit confused about power in New Zealand and Australia. I purchased the item as a 230 market item (Aus, NZ, EU). The outlets on my wall measure at 241v, yet NZ is listed as a 230 country in this wikipedia listing. So I'm wondering, why is there a dependency here. And now I'm wondering if I buy a power conditioner and set it to condition down to a stable 230 this might actually solve some my transformer hum/buz problem because the transformer could be working extra to offset the extra 11v it's getting. Or maybe I'm just confused...
  12. Do any of the Burson all in ones have a really good DAC output? Looking for an all in one for my desk that can also output RCA to my tube amplifier...
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