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  1. I know this is from a while back but still looking for this? PM if you are.
  2. Hi all, Would appreciate some thoughts on my future setup. I have narrowed it down to the following (front, centre, rear): Q Acoustics 3050i, 3090Ci, 3020i Triangle Borea BR07 (or BR08..), BRC1, BR02 Dali Oberon 5, Vokal and 1 Current interim setup is B&W 606 S2 with a SVS SB1000 Pro sub. I'll be keeping the sub and moving the 606's to another room used more for music. I like the B&W's, however feel the highs are quite...sharp? First thoughts were to build a setup around the 603's but that got out of my price range quite quickly. Budget is about $3000 AUD. Room is a living space, 17 m2 so not that big, with an open side. Aesthetics are important, looking for speakers in white or white/oak. Quite liking the Triangle Borea's aesthetic and have heard good reviews with all three of the above options. Use will be a split between music (70%) and movies (30%). Any input would be great.
  3. Yeah nice. I wonder if the HTM71 S2 would fit well with the 603's. The other thought is do I get 607's as fronts in the interim with a plan to later move them to rears and get 700 series fronts.
  4. 5.1.2 because I've already wired up the overhead speakers haha, but yes I guess most 9.1+ avrs these days will have the capability to expand later if I choose to. It's an open room, not a dedicated theatre, connected to a TV so mainly for everyday use. I have a separate music listening room but we would use this for music as well. Sealed sub as they are smaller and less intrusive in a smaller room. Room is around 5m x 6m.
  5. Hi, Looking to put together a 5.1.2 home theatre build around the B&W 600 series. So far I'm thinking: 603 S2 for mains HTM6 S2 centre 607 S2 rears SVS 1000 series sealed sub 8 inch Atmos speakers (not quite sure which yet) Trying to choose an amp that will fit with the above. Thinking a prior model Marantz like the SR7012 (prior model so I can get more power even if it means losing a few of the newer features). Other options i'm considering are: Anthem MRX740 NAD T 778 Any thoughts on amp pairings?
  6. Hi, New member from Sydney here. After a few years playing around with bluetooth speakers and then "upgrading" to a Sonos One I recently took the plunge and have set up a proper system comprising of B&W 606 S2, CA AXR85 amp and a Rega P1 tt. Next project is a separate home theatre build.
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