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  1. DUKE ELLINGTON (1899 - 1974) AND HIS ORCHESTRA – MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. 1962 US pressing CS 8707. 1B/1C matrix. Recorded at Columbia Studio A, 799 Seventh Avenue, New York.
  2. Daryl Braithwaite RISE - 1990 Australian CBS pressing 467675 1. The best-selling album in Australia in 1991 and certified 4x platinum. Recorded and mixed at Metropolis Audio, Melbourne. Mastered at Studios 301 by Don Bartley (DB in run-out groove).
  3. I placed my order with Acoustic Sounds on the 30th of May. It was despatched from their Kansas warehouse on the 7th of October. It arrived at Melbourne Airport this morning 13th October at 7:20. This is a very interesting video about the record.
  4. THE GRADUATE 1968 US Columbia press 1D/1A matrix. Music by Simon and Garfunkel and Dave Grusin (1969 Grammy Award - Best Original Score for a Motion Picture / TV Special).
  5. Edgar Winter - Entrance Debut album 1970
  6. Osborn Loudspeakers Owners & Discussion Thread. Is it possible to alter the spelling of this particular Owners Discussion Thread to the correct one with no "e" on the end of Osborn?
  7. Following on from the previous post, these comments from Graham Slee's amplification forum explain his reasoning for using a two-way AC plug. suede writes "Since I started caring more about quality sound reproduction or true HIFI about a year ago I have found that the most mysterious aspect is hands down the power or electricity bit. For instance changing the position of a power cord in the wall socket by 180 degrees (I live in Sweden which has two pin mains outlets so this is possible) can have tremendous impact on the sound quality going from slightly boxy and a bit boomy to clear as day." Graham Slee replies "And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we use the old fashioned and completely non-trendy two way figure of 8 PSU1 mains inlet (which means it has to be class-2 and class-2 means double insulated/no earth)."
  8. Referencing the post above, attached is a scan of the pamphlet accompanying the Graham Slee PSU1 Linear Power Supply that states "Changing mains 'polarity' may make an audible difference". I have always been content with my MM Accession Phono Preamp's performance, so to test this out I rotated the inlet, and yes, I found the sound tinnier, thinner and not as full-bodied, and so I reverted back to my original satisfactory placement. As Red notes above "The question was asked why manufacturers clearly don't mark it".
  9. I am happy to be a new member of this first-class group.
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