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  1. Yes this is consistent with everything I’ve heard about them. Great pick up. The preamps come up very rarely so if you see one grab it. Or did you get one already
  2. Thanks Al! Yeah I’m just waiting on some new sanding discs as I wanted good quality as not to mark the veneer. Then they will get the same oil treatment. It takes about 6-7 coats to get a really nice colour/finish. That takes days to allow drying etc. I prefer the oil finish as you can feel the natural feel of the wood. It smells nice too. Hopefully we can have another GTG soon. My BBQs need a workout as much as the Hifi. Would also be great to see some old faces.
  3. Nice work! @kab is gonna bring his over when we can mingle for me to listen to his. Glad you’re enjoying it. What do you liken it to if anything?
  4. Yeah it’s my second or third SP1. Amazing Amplifier
  5. What to do when your main speakers are out of action? Set up the Maggies! Also trying the new (to me) Dynavector P75 Mk4. Just received the new Gurrumul vinyl I’ve been waiting for. Like he’s in the room. Magic.
  6. awesome I'll go see them. The star is just two opposed squares so it could be done that way with a die. Cut one square and rotate the felt for the other. It's not that urgent for me as the felt on mine is pretty good. Might be nice to have some spare though
  7. haha ”after a day on the horse, the saddle felt like a torture device” 😂😂😂
  8. Yeah I was going to but forgot his handle on here.
  9. I think we may be lucky as the cuts are really only a big hole and a star. The shapes are used pretty regularly in felt craft. I’ll see this mob near me and see why they say. If you look at the star it’s really only made of square cut outs @Sub Sonic if you can find out what felt is used that would be awesome
  10. I imagine the smell would be horrendous? The place I posted seems to die cut felt. Not sure how thick they can do it. @frednork I’m not sure about the density either
  11. I wonder if these guys would be good to see about felt? They are local to me but also in South Australia. Been around a long time. I wonder who did the original felt for Duntech? https://www.jjdavies.com.au/engineering-felts-australia
  12. These just arrived! NOS never been used. I am one happy camper
  13. I think @tubularbells would be keen on new felt for his Sovs and I’d also be keen if we can get a bulk order done. Here is the felt pics as requested
  14. Yes. I had an amp built for me some time back but it had lots of noise and the wiring wasn’t really up to it. So @tubularbells has graciously offered to make it awesome!
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