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  1. Given their overly conservative design for their components, its nice to see them try something different with their speakers.
  2. Thanks for clarifying, I was wondering if it was a hardware change and therefore only applicable to new items with the functionality built in.
  3. AptX lossless 😲 Will this change head fi as we know it? https://www.whathifi.com/news/qualcomm-says-aptx-lossless-can-deliver-lossless-cd-quality-audio-over-bluetooth
  4. Probably in way over my depth here but theoretically active speakers should have the best potential for synergy with their amps and ultimate ability to produce amazing sound. Kind of analogous to F1 teams that make their own chassis and engine, they are generally superior because of they way they can integrate the two. Not saying you cant have amazing sound with passives, and some of the fun is mixing and matching amps & speakers to see what results you can achieve is lost. Then there is the fettling and changing to suit our human desire for more or change just for the sake of it. @Xecuter set out on a mission for perfection or as close as they could get to it, ended up at passives. To my mind, they do make a rather compelling point as to where they ended up after their exhaustive search. Our journey may differ, as may our destination regardless his/her story makes a lot of sense in the passive vs active debate. Pretty sure Paul McGowan of PS Audio has said that actives will outperform passives nine times out of ten (im paraphrasing here) and take that what you will as to what you think of his opinions. Wow so many words from someone who knows so little... Maybe I should go back into my dark corner and just watch from afar
  5. I think ego is a big problem on Australian roads, you cant overtake someone at the speed limit when a single lane road becomes two as they invariably speed up when you approach. Same on most motorways. Having driven throughout most of Europe and part of Asia, I never found ego a problem numerous times you'd see a big AMG Merc (or similar) pull out of the fast lane to let a Citroen C2 (or equivalent) go passed. Hesitate at a green light for a nano second on the other hand and they'll be blasting their horns like the rapture is coming.
  6. Half way through a major renovation going over budget, wife due to give birth by end of the week, and here I am considering DAC's I really dont have spare funds for... SMH
  7. You already peaked when you said JBL L82 Classics. HAS TO BE IN ORANGE THOUGH!
  8. Cool thanks for that, cherry’s not really my thing but I’m happy to have a look in real life if your sale doesn’t go through. Sounds like you have it sorted though. All the best, Anthony.
  9. Hi, Interested in these just wanted to confirm colour if you can please. What timber finish are these speakers (cherry?), photos on my pc are showing a slight orange colour is that true to life? Many thanks, Anthony
  10. I have a Mazzer Mini Electronica, and unfortunately its never bang on in weight so I set it just shy of my shot weight, weigh and add as required. Problem is this grinder has significant retention unlike the Mahlkonig's. They are also susceptible to clumping which you can fix by removing the screen from the grinder exit. Still a solid grinder which in a domestic environment will last a lifetime, just not without its quirks which you can work around.
  11. I probably have all those problems and more in my "system" but it still doesn't stop me from enjoying music. Accepting the limitations of my system (in its current state), there is still satisfactory sound produced at least to my ears. Upgrading over time is part of the fun, if I started at end game I think i'd be bored (and broke). Inconsistencies in recordings are however truly annoying, as I cant get to appreciate the full crappiness of my gear!
  12. Maybe its indeed a case or word bingo or I am merely a simpleton and philistine (I snuck the word philistine in to pretend im not one) either or, I think if it becomes hard work reading a review then its probably not the review for me. Not that I am lazy or disinterested but it does need to resonate somewhat with me to keep me working through a wall of text. The more im learning the more I realise I know nothing, and would prefer not to cloud my judgement with an advertorial disguised as a review, hence reaching out to stereonet members for their wisdom. Thanks again all!
  13. You didnt find that funny? As always I amuse myself more than others it seems. No I did not lose all faith in humanity and I still watch/read his reviews but his coffee making is hilarious. I gotta find that review where he makes a coffee as part of his filler scenes, its the thinnest wateriest most insipid thing ive ever seen!
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, its very much appreciated. Will check it all out.
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