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  1. Hows the breakin of the speakers going? mine arrived today. ? target is end of the month for surprizing the lady (best WAF is always by surprize and no turning back).
  2. I'm not checking every evening to see how that is coming along ? all Jantzen, very nice. Was price the driver for the cross cap? the cross over bits I've not yet ordered but think the same for the cross cap. Its quite a big jump up to the superior Z cap, as example... I had time to nerd out a bit this week. have you seen this site? Humble Homemade Hifi - Cap Test I might have found that link in this forum already... but in case, there it is again. cheers
  3. my girlfriend says I'm king of googling.... yet no matter how smart I am, its only as useful as smart key words -> found a ton (using bamboo) of those type of panels. thanks! you find they help on the general acoustics a lot or a little? cheers
  4. Hi Niss_man, Nice work on the OB! And awesome noise treatment for that room (where did you get those purple panels and base traps?). I'm waiting for my kit to arrive and will be building them up. I went with Silver10 + W15. How is your Fast8 setup working ( sounding )for you? When you say the passive cross over is inferior, in which way? I'm newbie to DYI, I went this road in place of the PAP Duet15 with TangBand. cheers hank
  5. Hi Mattyjtaylor, did you write these schematics up? based on this: Audio Dandy - How to enjoy High Resolution Audio (modelpromo.nl) how did you get on about the xo you're building? I'm working on building the same kit. cheers
  6. Guetes Neues! means happy new year ?? I'm also a lurker who joined... as well building a Liionidas OB with a silver 10 / w15 (similar to an ongoing thread here). all the best! hank
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